Downstreaming - how do you start and stop your mix?

So the X Jet has done me well. I do get tired of carrying buckets and would prefer to DS but I don’t understand how you efficiently change from spraying your mix to spraying water without walking all the way back to the machine?

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I simply use the XJetDS to apply the chem and switch out to my old XJet to rinse. 200’ of hose takes about 15 seconds to change out, but the high pressure of the XJet completely stops the pull of chems. I DID buy the components to build a remote switch using vacuum but when I FINALLY set it up there will STILL be a 15 second lag time…

When you say switch out… what do you mean? In my head the downstream process would go:

Down steam injector pulling from chem tank at my pressure washer.

200 feet of hose out, apply chem to siding, walk back to machine to remove the downstream injector from the chem, walk back to siding and rinse.

In the mean time while you walk back to your machine you either have to release the trigger or spray chem everywhere.

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I have a quick connect on my gun at the head. I simply plug in my XJetDS to soap, and switch out for my M5 about 15 seconds before I wish to rinse. My chem usage has gone WAY down since I switched out,

I currently use the M5 too. But I have to lug a bucket around with me. You’re not carrying a bucket with you to use the xjet?

NO SIR. I use the XJetDS or you could use the black tip for soaping. Both are extra low pressure tips that creat a vacuum and suck chems from your chem bucket at the machine. Once the pressure builds the vacuum stops, or at least slows enough that no noticeable amount of chems pull.

Ok. So you apply with your XJETDS and then you switch to a different tip/nozzle that doesn’t pull chems after a 15 second delay or so. Can you link me what I would need to try your system?

1/4"ID hose long enough to reach the bottom of your bucket and if you do much surface cleaning you might want a bypass

I have that part. What two nozzles are you switching back and forth?

Maybe this will help @Jdpowerwashing

How Downstreaming works -

  1. Injector at say hose reel.
  2. Tube from injector into chem tank/bucket
  3. When you have a low pressure tip, such as the black soaping tip, on your gun, it creates a suction in the injector that pulls chems from the tank into the water flow.
  4. When you take off the low pressure tip and put on a higher pressure tip, the suction on the injector stops so no chems are pulled. You don’t need a switch or remove the tube from the chem tank, just the fact that you have a high pressure tip makes it so the chem can not pull from tank.

People will different types of low and higher pressure tips as a personal preference.


Sometimes ill just switch my nozzle to another on j rod that wont pull but typically i just unplug soap line from chem tank and rinse with same tips that i soap with

I’m trying to understand which tip will pull the soap and which won’t but will be good enough to rinse.

Didnt know you like buying from Lori

Unless you have a remote box/valve you will have to walk back to the truck/trailer. Either manually turning a bypass valve or switching injector from soap bucket to water bucket. Soap a side, walk back and switch while soap dwells, rinse. Free exercise!


Free exercise but in the meantime soap is coming out of the hose until i make it back to the truck

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Let off the trigger…

I don’t use “rinse tips” to stop my soap. I wash too much old aluminum and oxidized vinyl to safely use the higher pressure.

I always go back to the truck to switch. That’s maybe 4 or 5 times for a large house; twice for a small one. The soap needs dwell time, anyhow.

If you are strategic in how and where you soap, it’s never a long walk:

  • Run out your hose, rinsing vegatation for 15 seconds as you make your way back to the dirtiest side of the house.
  • Soap from there back towards your truck.
  • Switch off soap.
  • Retreat trouble spots for 15 seconds.
  • Stand around a couple more minutes and check your email, post on PWR, etc.
  • Rinse from the less dirty side back to the bad side you soaped first.
  • Do a final rinse working back towards the truck.
  • Repeat process for the other sides of the house.

That isn’t great for the pump.

3 way poly valve. Walking back to the trailer gives the mix time to dwell

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Plumb in unloader with bypass back to buffer. Lot of info on this site and you can answer all of your questions with a little reading


Was waiting for that.