Downstreaming 12.5% mixture?

Whats up guys, this is going to be my first year using SH for the most partt not(we have used it on roofs a couple times) and was wondering what a good mixture is on siding. Still low 50s to mid 60s here right now if that makes a difference. Was figuring 60% SH 40% Water and a splash of soap in a 5 gallon bucket… Any advice?

Your right on the money with your mixture you can subtract or add depending on the job but thats your standard house wash mix.

Thanks! We also recently aquired a heated washer for our surface cleaning however i have been considering using it on some siding and see how it works. i know heat enhances chemical reactions, i was considering maybe using a low heat (around 75*) but not sure what type of effect this would have. Any experience with this??