Downstreamers...what container are you pulling from?

Chem tank, deldrum, 5er? I usually use a 7.5 pail, and keep a lid snapped on it if I happen to mix too much for a job. 7.5 gallons will get me through almost all of my jobs. I’m thinking about using a different method and weighing pros and cons. But obviously, I’m stuck with screwing with a bunch of 5 gallon SH buckets with my method.

For those mixing in a tank, do you just use a specific ratio and roll with it on every job, no matter what? I do like the flexibility of being able to mix stronger or weaker based on the job.

35 gallon leg tank with straw.

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65 gallon tank for each machine

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I am a small outfit and have a rectangular 15gal tank running straight 12% to my remote injector. I’ve yet to come close to emptying it in a day.

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You’re not mixing with any water? Curious why not?

8gpm machine only pulls about .8% concentration, I need all the strength I can get.

I use 15 gallon carboys. I can buy SH in 5 gallon buckets, 15 gallon carboys, 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes. I buy drums but I’ll occasionally cycle out my 15’s with new drums and run them for a while.

I run 35 gallon mix tank and a 65 gallon straight tank.

1000lbs of SH on board? You have upgraded axles?

20 gallons straight SH tank. I use a Stainless GP proportioning injector with a tip bored out to 5/64”. Seems to be the perfect strength for most house washing. Can pull the proportioning tip out and idle down a bit for a stronger mix when needed.

Tomorrow morning, I plan on swapping out for the dual barb injector, so I can control my surfactants and bleach strength independently. I like to change surfactants or sometimes boost the mix with some hydroxide to cut through road film and such. But don’t want to mix that into my main tank.

Dont you have a remote injector? How are you going to run a Duel barb while also having the remote?

55 gallon drum of 12% mixed with Elemonator. I use a metering valve to control the strength.

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I hear ya. One of my concerns when I upgraded to 8gpm was draw rates. I’m running 2.3 mm with 200 ft of hose and usually mix 50/50( 70/30 at worst) .for a vast majority of houses. I do have to run straight on some bad vinyl fences

How is your carboy set up? Just drop it in the top?

Remote bypass. One of the reasons I bought the flowpro instead of one of the others, was because I knew I wanted to run a dual barb at some point.

Also, the dual barb only comes in one size currently, which is quite a bit undersized for my 8gpm machine. So having the bypass is an even greater advantage.

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Interesting…which metering valve do you use?

Nice. I’m interested to hear your dual barb outcome.

I’m guessing it’ll be some trial and error getting my mix ratios dialed in. I’ll start off by doing some timed trials with a measuring cup. Then final dilution rate can be tweaked by how much water I mix with my surfactant.

I’m excited. I’m a total nerd with this stuff.

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Yep. I drilled holes in the caps just bigger than the DS draw hose and put the hose through the hole with rubber grommets on the top to keep SH from splashing out. I use two 15g carboys to downstream out of and a third 15g carboy as a rinse tank for my Schertz Box.

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Do you go through all that in a day? :flushed: