Downstream solution. How to mix bucket ready?

I have a few jobs that I want to apply by hand or in pump sprayer. So what or how would I mix my SH and SC to acheive my downstreamed stregnth? I have a 2 gallon sprayer.

I searched and didnt find my answer …thanks in advance!

Test the ratio of your downstreamer, then you will know how much to dilute your mix for hand application.

Let’s see if I can get the math straight on this. Your typical hw mix is 50-50 12% sh and water. A downstreamer will further dilute that about 10:1 so now you have about .06% sh hitting the house. So if you use household bleach 6% sh for your mix you would use 1 oz bleach to every 10 ozs of water. Now you realize that you are going to spray around 50 gals of your mix to clean a 2,000 sq ft house. Plus every 5 minutes or so you need to go back and rinse what you applied. By the time your finished you will either never wash a house again or go right out and buy a 4 gpm 4,000 psi pressure washer set up for downstreaning. Hopefully if this job is for a customer you don’t give the industry a black eye by going out and doing the job with a 2 gal sprayer.

There is a reason you didn’t find an answer. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

Maybe he’s not washing an entire house?

I keep a hand spray bottle full of mix in the truck most of the time. Works great for doing small demo’s on the fly. Of course, I have another spray bottle of just plain water to rinse the surface. I could spend 10 minutes explaining how our cleaner works, or I could show them in 60 seconds.


Guys, do any of you use a two step method where one applies the chemicals and then a second person rinses?
If so what type of pump do you use. Also I’m new and need a good supplier of SH (55 Gallon drum)close to Ga.
sorry for changing directions in mid stream , but I could not find the button to start a new thread.

Thanks for any help
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Hey Ronnie,

We don’t call it two-stepping, (that’s sort of a fleet wash term) but yes, we do sometimes tag team and soap with an 8 gpm machine and then rinse with a 10 gpm. If you’ve got the water supply to do it, you can make some serious time.

A 4 gpm will probably downstream a stronger soap mix but we just use what we have.

thanks for the reply. I have a 4GPM cold water unit. I was looking to invest in a second unit that might be used for just applying soaps
and roof washing. Might be a lower pressure system. Just did not know if there was something like that out there being used. I’m just learning ,but it seems like down streaming uses a lot of soap.
Tim also I will be calling in a couple of months about some signs. Have you ever made a started kit(3Ea. Soft washing houses,3 Ea. Gutter cleaning/whiting and 3 Ea. Roof washing or Window cleaning)? This is something I would be interested in.

Again thanks for all your knowledge sharing. I have read a lot of your threads and replies.

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Time is money. If I had a 4 gpm, I would use that to soap and then buy a 5.6 or 8 to rinse. Production increase like you can not believe.

We use maybe 3 gallons of bleach and a pint of eLemonator for a $500.00 house wash. A $15 investment turns into 33 times that amount. Quite acceptable in my book.

Buy a Bandit from Pressure Tek to use as a dedicated roof pump.

Yes, I’ve done some mix and match sign sets before. There is a small fee for it but still better than buying ten of each when you’re just getting started.



Thanks for all your help. I think I might go ahead and get a 8GPM unit and also use it for flat work. I will call Bob at Pressure Tex
and scope out a unit. Anyone can reply to this question I don’t plan on doing a lot of flat work is it worth the price difference to get a hot water unit?

Thanks Again Tim!!