Downstream or Xjet

Ok so a little info before any negativity starts. I have been doing flatwork for the majority of my professional pressure washing career. I know it sounds crazy but rhe area I live in it has been possible. I’ve never had to use much chemical just use a pump spray on the nasty stains and surface clean the rest. Now i have decided to branch into house work and I’ve done lots of research reading about chemicals, methods, and washing in general. So my question is which would you recommend me investing in a downstream or an Xjet M5? I have a 4k 4gpm and a 3k 3gpm machine.

Xjet is a hassle having a hose hanging off the end of your lance all the time. I don’t know how anybody does that.

Keep doing more research. A quick search of “xjet” and “downstream” will pull up a tone of info.

Its a preference thing on which you want to use.

Type “xjet vs downstream” (and similar phrases), into google, and you will get tons of feedback.

Most people normally downstream, a few normally x-jet, but pretty much everyone agrees that there is a time and place for an x-jet. Benefit of x-jet is that you can get a stronger mix than downstreaming, for when you need it.

I would say start with downstreaming.

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Downstream all day, get a high pull rebuildable injector and you’ll have it for years to come. X jet nice but injectors are half the price

Yeaterday I was leaning more towards the XJet; after reading a post about someone spilling their bucket oh HW twice in one job i began having second thoughts. I believe I will go with the downstream. Any suggestions on a good shooter tip?

You can buy containers that have a lid on them, with a tube through that pulls the chem out. Or you can make your own.

Search “best shooter tip” (and similar phrases) here, on other forums, and on google.

A 6 inch wand and an 0040 or 0050 nozzle does the same thing for about $8

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Yeah, homemade versions are similarly effective. John, you should see people recommending that in a lot of the threads discussing shooter tips.

You can get the 6" galvanized or brass extensions at places like TSC or maybe Ace Hardware.

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Thanks alot, i will look into that for sure!

Go to your local plumbing store I just picked up a couple of stainless 6 inch wands for 2.59 each or as they call them 6 inch nipple

I’ll be sure to check that out. You gotta spend money to make money but if i can save a few dollars im all for that!

Do you recommend brass or galvanized for 6" wand? Or should I try to find stainless somewhere? I was in lowes today and all I saw was brass and galvanized. What diameter? I’m looking into getting the Suttner Relax-Action gun. Thanks for the help!

Suttner 2315 is best gun. Galvanized is fine. 3/8’s


Why is no one else talking about this?? I see the 2305 mentioned a lot, but I didn’t even know Suttner made a chemical resistant version of it. Thanks x !

Lances are 1/4" pipe thread, I thought?

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Yeah. Your right on 1/4 inch. Old age. Lots of vendors don’t carry the 2315 because there isn’t much profit in them. Why sell something that will last 4 times as long? No repeat purchases on crap guns that wear out quickly

Thanks! Do you have somewhere you prefer to buy your guns, tips, qc online? I saw in another post that someone had referenced a link for stainless 0040, 0050, and 0060 tips. Is that what you’d recommend for the 2315?

Tips are based off of machine pressure and gpm, not the gun. I use brass tips. Cheap but have to replace often. Most online vendors don’t carry the 2315. My local vendor gets me a case once a year.