Downstream injector

My pressure washer is only a 2.5 gpm washer. I know it is low gpm.
It has a soap siphon hose that is connected to the pump. Although the manual says not to use bleach , my question is can I add a separate downstream inject after the pump?
I am sure I would Need to cap off the soap siphon that is on the pump.
Hope this makes sense. Please help.
Much appreciated

Read this:

Buy this:

If you’re using original hose and gun, they won’t hold up to SH. They are built to the same standard. Put some viton o-rings in there and maybe you can make it work for more than 2 days, but you’re going to have to upgrade.

Hey Steve.
Thanks for the info.
I ordered the DS injector and am looking forward to putting it to use,
My next question would be , what gun could I upgrade to?
Or could I use a ball valve wand that I have seen guys use?
Much appreciated :grinning: