Downstream injector whistle

Hello everyone! I’ve been using my 8gpm machine with a 3-5gpm injector, the mix I get out of it is right but the noise it makes is absolutely unbearable, it makes kind of a high pitched whistle thats almost painful even when you’re 15 ft away from the truck, has anyone experienced this? And found a way to deal with it?

How close is the injector to the reel

It is your reel

Dang I would’ve never guessed it was the position of it, it’s right at the swivel on the reel, would you recommend having it right after the pump before the whip line? Or would chem make its way back to the pump by being so close?

Nope, leave it where it is, it won’t work as well when it’s near the pump. We all wear nose cancelling headphones

Does it really make a big difference? I have mine right off the pump.

I may have you missed up with someone else, but weren’t you having problems getting stuff cleaned with one pass with DS’ing? That might be the problem

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That’s how you know she’s pulling…… get worried when it goes quiet :laughing:

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I thought it was like brake pads…when the sound changes, throw away and replace…

It’s not that the mold and algae aren’t getting killed on siding, the gutters are the issue. Multiple layers of junk that DS doesn’t touch. I’ll try and take a pic next house. My 12v set on ‘3’ usually gets it done.

I got the DS working nicely though, it was pulling air before.

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When it gives off a nice C sharp, your tea is ready!

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I have such a problem with names. I’ll be the first to admit something doesn’t fire right all the time. I get my wife’s name and sisters name reversed all the time, the dogs, the boys etc. One guy has been with me since 2014. He finally asked me last year if I would call him Jermel instead of Jamal, as Jamal wasn’t his name.

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Lol we’ll at least I know whats the root of the problem, I’m probably going to end up bypassing the reel and have the whip line go to an unloader block and just pull the hose I need and hook it up there, my ears ring after working on the front of the house and I’m sure the neighbors don’t appreciate it, I see people take their kids in and close garage doors every once in a while

I swear I’m waiting for this injector to stop pulling but it just doesn’t want to die, it’s been on service for almost 3 years

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Sounds like an added bonus! Get some good noise cancelling ear buds & crank up some tunes.


Those things are seriously making that kind of noise? All I hear is the engine.

Always trying to get clients to understand this concept…lol

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LOL, they’re $16. Splurge and get a new one and tell them you want one of the quiet ones.

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LOL - we have two neighbors - been calling them Les and Cliff for over 7 years.

I was talking to “Les” a couple of weeks ago and he stopped me and said “you know my name is David right?”

“Cliff’s wife asked me around the same time if I knew his name was really Clint!

I love my wife though…. She introduces me to neighbors all the time!! I wonder what her version of my name is :rofl:


My neighbor across from me thinks my name is Jonathan and always shouts across the road “Hey Jonathan! How you doing today?” as I pull in the driveway or am out mowing. He has a small construction business and he’s asked for my business card several times to hand out to his clients needing some washing. “Thomas” is right at the bottom of the card. Neighbor beside me overheard the misidentification a couple weeks ago and he came up to me and said “who’s he talking to?” :thinking: :man_shrugging: Oh well, he’s a nice guy.