Downstream injector pull length?

Curious if I run a 1/4 line up and over if the injector will still draw mixture from my house wash mix tank?

Easy peasy


Cool thanks all

Soo got it all plumbed in and nothing is drawing from the line and even swapped out a brand new injector. Any ideas?

Its 1/4 line going up and over into a bulk head with 1/4 to 1/2 fitting then a piece of 1/3 pvc to the bottom of the barrel. Am i losing the vacuum power when going to 1/2?

Probably. Take that hose off the barb and stick it in the tank and see if it pulls then.

that’s exactly how all of mine are. Is the injector pulling? Is the pipe off the bottom of tank?

ya the pipe is about a half inch off the bottom

injector pulling with hose off?

My luck… So not only was the new DS injector bad but also when running my new line it had a big slit about half way losing all its vacuum.

Replaced the line and the DS injector and all is well for now haha


Because you sliced it when taking a razor knife to the plastic wrap?

No the tiedowns I used for the hose slit it I pulled one to tight it seems :grin: