Downstream Bleach Dilution Ratio?

So I’m pretty dumb, I’m trying to figure out what % of bleach I’m spraying on the house when I downstream from a 6% jug of bleach? The pump is supposed to do 10 gallons of water to 1 gallon of bleach…

If anyone can answer this, what formula do you use? I just want to put it in excel so I don’t have to remember it.

Divide 6 by 11

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10:1 you add the two parts by the percentage of bleach you have so 6 divided by 11 = .545 or .55%

I think what would be told on this forum by people that know way more than me is that you should do a bucket test to actually determine what the real world ratio is of your downstream injector vs what it says in the booklet.

There’s probably someone that has counted a bucket of sand then tried to extrapolate how much sand is at the beach, but it’s irrelevant. If your mix is cleaning, it’s the right percentage.


Here’s the real question… is dropping the siphon tube in a bottle of 6% bleach working for you?

If so then run with it. If it’s not cleaning the surface you want fast enough/well enough then find a bottle with stronger % of bleach in it.

Appreciate it everyone

@Wantrepreneur also…food for thought… it’s been in my experience that the regular 6% bleach is usually the “laundry” grade stuff at any shopping center. Try to find at least 10% bleach in pool section at that shopping center.
Take Walmart for example:

***~or ~ ***

Better % of bleach, better price. More money kept in your pocket. AND, it’s really a whole gallon at 128 oz vs the Clorox home stuff! :wink:

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Yea, I know. The pool supply company around me just went out of business so I bought the laundry stuff in a pinch. Our walmart parking lot is like driving into the thunder dome, didn’t even check there.

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Lowes, Home Depot, True Value, Ace Hardware, etc all likely have chlorinating liquid at 10%. I’d check them all and see who has best price, most consistent inventory, and the freshest stuff.

I will do that, I have another question… When adding surfactant to the mix, do you just pour a cup into the bleach? Or do you put them both in a separate container? Today a bottle of high color soap would have come in handy, white vinyl siding… had to redo a couple spots.

When I first started out, I mixed my bleach and water and surfactant in a five gallon bucket. Now I mix it all in a fifteen gallon drum.
If cleaning siding that has mildew on it and your bleach % is on point, after a minute or so you’ll know exactly where you’ve sprayed.

When batch mixing like I do, the soap isn’t so much a dye - it’s a surfactant, allowing the sprayed mix to cling better to the surface it’s applied to which allows it to stay wet longer. But the Elemonator that I use does provide suds so it is useful to see where I’ve been at times.
There is a product called AppleWash out there that does have a red/pink dye to it that will allow you to to easily see where you sprayed your mix. The colored dye doesn’t last long though once mixed with bleach so batch mixing a large tank wouldn’t be of much use.

Dollar General’s house brand is 8% and it used to be $295/gal. But always worked well.