Door to Door works!?

Got a call from a well know local Realtor a few days ago, as it turns out she saw one of my yard signs and realized it was the same company name on a buisness card that was given to her by a friend. I hand out HUNDREDS of buisness cards in my weekly door to door adventures. Point is they may not need you right then but a knock on the door, smile, firm handshake, and a card handed out can bring you more work than you realize!

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That’s awesome! Hopefully you get some contract work out of that!

Speaking of door to door, what does your guy’s sales pitch sound like?

Just an introduction and a description of the services i offer. I tend to change my pitch based on how the person answers the door and the look on their face when i tell them i am a pressure washer. Im really good at reading character, facial expressions, and tones of voice. I normally know 10 seconds in if i am making a sell or waisting my time lol

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Hello. I’m Brodie with Squid’s Pressure Washing LLC. I know you’re probably not in the market for an exterior cleaning service, but with your permission I’d like to walk around and see if there’s anything I can do to help you love your outdoor space again.

(Shut up. Wait for answer.)

_A: Yeah. Sure. _

_Great! I’ll knock again with a written estimate if that works for you. _

_A: Ok. Thanks. _

1. Concrete
2. Gutters
3. Siding
4. Deck
5. Fence
_6. Patio furniture. _
_7. Retaining wall. _
_8. Anything at all I could potentially clean. _

_I noticed a couple things that could use some TLC. Point it out on estimate. If you had to pick one thing on this list you’d like us to clean today what would it be? _

_A: Patio furniture (they almost always said patio furniture. It was the cheapest.) _

And if you had to pick a second to get a package discount what would it be?

_A: (Thinking…) It has been awhile since we cleaned the gutters. How much is the discount. _

$10, but if we clean 3 things today you get $25 off your overall invoice.

I had to knock on 10-20 doors typically, but I could get at least one job a day with my little Ryobi when I first started.

If their answer was “No.”:

I understand completely. I appreciate the time. I’m going to leave this door hanger with you with a coupon for $20-$50 off depending on the invoice total should you think about it and give us a call. This is good for 1 week. (Write date on it in front of them. My first doorhangers had a white blank box that said above it Expires on:)

DISCLAIMER: I had to knock on a lot of doors. It’s time consuming and it’s no way to scale a business, but it is fine way to feed yourself early on. This script above is a modification of a script I was given when I first started in finance. I’m sure there are way better scripts out there.

Thank goodness for HomeAdvisor and Facebook swap & shops.


Just my opinion…that seems a little pushy for my area.

However, I understand that folks are a little more conservative down here, than in the rest of the country.

It is a little bit aggressive. Like I said, it definitely took a lot of doors. It’s definitely been a learning transition from military to finance to the service industry.

I’ve had to tone it down quite a bit. Ha!

This makes sense to me. I’m a car salesman full time so luckily talking to people is a strong point for me. You can definitely feel out the customer very quickly.

[quote=“Dogby92, post:8, topic:8506, full:true”] You can definitely feel out the customer very quickly.

Yeah, I have been a car buyer for a bunch of years…and you can definitely run off a serious buyer…very quickly.

Yes. You can. That’s why I find it important to be confident in your product and yourself. Know how to talk to people, and how to overcome objections. This is why I want to know what seasoned and experienced people in this industry say to put their customers at ease and close a deal at the door.

Sample patches speaks for themselves. When I get slow I knock on doors looking to wash roofs. I ask if it’s alright to do a sample patch and I do it on front side in the middle so they can see it everyday lol.
I close about 80% after sample.

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How on earth do you guys have time for door to door and sample cleanings? Seriously.

I’m already considering getting out of the business because I have no time for myself. I wash all day, return voicemails and website contact requests (I do satellite image estimates) for an average of 2 hours each evening, and still have to make time for equipment maintenance, office work, etc.

I’m ready to go back to a 9-5 just so I can get a break! Do you guys not have websites?

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I hate to break it to ya… but seasoned and experienced people aren’t going door to door. That’s a start up thing and won’t scale.

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This is your business man! You own your calendar… not your clients. And I love my clients… but if I want to take a 3 day weekend to go fishing it’s on the calendar and it’s set in stone. If I want to work 4 days on any given week it’s on the calendar.

“Don’t let your business become a job.”


how long have you been in business? I have a website, a really nice website too. I rank #1, I have the most 5 star reviews on google and facebook. there isn’t even really any competition. I just cant get jobs! I legit work maybe 1-2 days a week. I’m drowning and I’m so stressed ive started applying for driving jobs. I just don’t think people in my area want to get their house washed or windows cleaned

Sounds like you’re ready for the next step… delegation :sunglasses:

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LOL, the LAST thing I want is to manage people. I always get to feeling way too busy and a bit frazzled by the end of the spring/early summer busy season, but the August slowdown lets me get my head straight again. I’ve actually made some pretty big adjustments to my personal schedule and routine since that rant I posted, and I’m really enjoying life and work again. I’m determined to take more control of my schedule in the seasons to come, for sure!

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Yea it’s tough but it has its benefits.
Yea. Cool,
I’m glad you did, the more organized things are the better, I’m slowly applying that to everything