Door to door sales

Not sure if you guys have heard of vivint. But its a big home security company that’s main source of revenue is your down and dirty door to door sales. They have a batch of videos on you tube that they ask there new sales guys to check out. They cover objections. Building value and great ways to aproach a new home and the best ways to close a deal.

You cannot door knock in 99 percent of the neighborhoods your going to want to work in around here . Leave a door hanger yes. Knock on doors no way they will call the police

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Starting out as i have been this past season. Its been my only source of revenue. Granted the money is in big houses searching for your service and finding your company. But for us small fish. Door to door is where its at. This post is for the guys looking to learn a thing or two. Gotta start somewhere and pounding the pavement is the best start imo. Plus im from texas. Where people like a contractor that shakes there hand and introduces themselve before figuring out how much money they can get out of them

And were talking about vivint lol. If they can go knock on doors and be a multi billion dollar company. Then so can a humble little house washer like myself

That guy is shady…anyone trying to push their way into my home is not going to like the outcome. “Isthet your thermostat there…let’s just take a look here”…whatever. You have to have thick skin to canvas neighborhoods with an agenda to sell something. I’ve never done door-to-Door sales to house washing. I’ve used other marketing that’s worked pretty well without having to deal with a-holes and rejection in canvassing.

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Lmbo agreed. Its helped me get the creative juices flowing though. And the other videos are pretty good and much less creeper factor. These guys have made alot of money doing door to door sales. Just trying to help a few noobs out if i can!

Disagree. There’s ways to go D2D without coming off as an ass. And say what you will about door hangers or 5-arounds or SEO or flyers but there is NO substitute for face-to-face time with a client.

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book marked. havent done door to door since jr high selling candy bars :laughing: nervous…

Make it a conversation instead of a sales pitch and you’ll do just fine.

Just my $.02

Me too and that didn’t go well! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a bit subjective. Some people have a charismatic outgoing personality that can make a homeowner feel comfortable quickly. Not everyone has that ability. The ones who come across too smooth or a “top salesman of year” approach gets old quick. You know they have an agenda. I’ve done canvassing for roof inspections for a friend of mine who owns a roofing company…especially after hail storms. I’m also one of Jehovah’s Witnesses so I have more D2D experience than most…you still have to have a thick skin to canvas. I agree that face to face is important…but I find getting your foot in the door of nice neighborhoods is best approach. I’ve even had success knocking on doors when doing your 5 arounds because you have a reference of your work to point out to them.


D2d is fantastic, sure you have to hit like 20 doors to get a job but the one client you get is worth it! Like recurring stacks of cash-worth it
Do it, any time randomly if you have a free day, do it.
Always get business cards, [leave a free quote], get their name, last name, phone, and email, and always leave at least a card
The ones you don’t get at least heard about your company, you’re no longer a stranger