Donuts and coffee

Just curious if anybody has ever tried plying clients with donuts and coffee. In my day job I have vendors and sales guys and service providers that do this in different ways.

My thoughts specifically to this industry would be to make a list of a few real estate offices in the area that do rental property management. And first thing in the morning when they open up, pop in with a dozen donuts and a few business cards. Introduce my self, in a very brief and no pressure kinda way tell them what I can do for them, and leave. Could replace donuts with a coffee service from star bucks.

So anyway, just a thought, anybody try this?

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So you are trying to use sugary doughnuts to promote financial gain… Sounds like a great idea, people love doughnuts!

Just to be clear, you want to target property managers, not real estate agents. I could not see myself doing this, but if you have the free time you got nothing to lose!

Step 1: Get donuts.
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit!

Lol, but seriously. I figured if i dont have a job that morning, what’s it hurt. Might get me a rep as “the donut guy” but if it gets me jobs, I’m ok with that.

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LOL I see what you did there.

I think it’s a good idea. When jobs were slow I had to make sales calls at my last job. I stopped by, picked up 6 or 7 boxes od doughnuts or a few big bags of beef jerky. Every drilling rig I hit got busin3ss cards and treats. In all the companies I worked for, the only salesmen that got business were the ones that brought stuff.

There were a few company men on a few rigs that would get ate up and run you off if you didn’t bring stuff. One quote I heard was, “Don’t you ever come to my rig without bringing me anything! You got that?!?!”

Howard Partridge has some great insight into this idea in his book “The 14 Fastest Ways To The Cash In Any Business”. It’s a great book.

Thanks EcoClean, I’ll check it out

Osoto I know exactly what you mean, I work boats in the oil industry and guys always bring a box of donuts or tally books, we love those. That’s what gave me the idea. I’ve told guys not to come around without donuts before, I always mean it in a jovial way though. But I do remember the guys who do bring stuff, if we use them or not I remember them. I’m figuring out that being noticed is half the battle. slightly off the donut topic, I’ve got a guy making vinyl for my truck and I’ve got 28" road cones to mark my truck corners as it sits on the street, a high viz vest, road cones with my logo on them on the edge of the sidewalk to warn walkers of wet surfaces and hoses coming from my truck. It’s all in safety, but it also gets me noticed and maybe remembered as that guy with all the safety stuff. I want to build a sign board to put next to the sidewalk with my logo and a sign saying caution house washing in progress and what not, with a business card holder on the corner so people walking by can just snag a card if they are interested. I have ideas coming out the wahzoo.

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I use my 28" safety cones for the same reason. It promotes safety but also gets cars to slow down enough to read your truck/trailer signs.

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I have done this since 1995 and I rarely have days off anymore!
However, Realtors and property managers tend to be cheap. IMHO.