Don't leave residential money on the table come christmas time

Hey Guys–Some of ya made me feel bad that I am trying to cut back on posting on the PW bb’s. Believe me I am very thankful to the guys and gals that responded to me back in the 90’s when I was in the first few years building my business.
Thanks for the kind emails and PM’s.

So this is for you:D

Generally we close down our Residential end of my business from Dec-March but our commercial end runs whenever we can get out all year long.

Every now and then I send my guys out when there is decent money on the table. This job here along with a huge commercial roof job was to much to pass up. It was around 40 degrees when the guys came to Powerwash. On this residential property here there was also a huge brick walkway in the front of the house along with multiple landscape walls and a large retaining brick wall that had to be done. They were having Christmas at their house within the week so they offered us a decent amount of Money to come out.

If possible don’t leave money on the table if you can. Because of this job I was able to be more generous to my girls for Christmas:cool:

If there is a will…there is a way.

Nice job!

I take residential jobs year-round as long they keep coming. I’d pressure wash in 40 degree weather for the right price for sure!