Doing some research: Profit Margins

Hey All, My brother in law does pressure washing down here in TN and I racked his brain for a bit but wanted to get others thoughts.

NOTE: This Is Not Promoting Anything - Just doing research

How much profit do you make on say a 2500 sqft 2 story house? (brother charges $300) The reason I am asking is I run a lead generation agency that only works with small businesses (painters, roofers, hvac…). I am thinking about working with pressure washing businesses but not sure what to charge since every business is different.

Example would be:
Painters : $50 per pre qualified lead.
HVAC: $75 per pre qualified lead.

Now what makes a lead pre-qualified is, when they fill out a form requesting information, I send them a series of questions and when they are ready to schedule an estimate, I pass along their information to the owner.

In everyone’s opinion, what would be a good cost-per-lead be?

Let me get this straight.

You are asking us to tell you what our profit margins are so that you can create a business charging us fees off of what you suspect we make.

Sounds just like another company that annoyingly calls me …

Edit: You are a new member and maybe that came out harsh. The owners of this forum like new member s and questions, so let me rephrase -How about you create a different version of this business? You get paid if and only if the business gets paid (I provide a service over $150). I guarantee that would be the preferred way of doing business from my perspective. I would pay for guaranteed work, not a lead for another shopping around quote.


I do not need to call anyone. I am not Yelp or Homeadvisor.

I am asking would you pay for pre-qualified leads wanting pressure washing services & what do you think is a fair price for them?

EDIT: After reading your edit, that is pretty much what I do. Example would be for my HVAC clients, I talk to homeowners first about say a furnace replacement offer. If the homeowner wants an estimate, I then pass their info on to the business owner. I do not sell the jobs.

Ok, what do you mean by the term “pre-qualified”. Is this residential or commercial, or both?

Here is my concern regarding your business model: If I am in your area, how many PW companies do you sell the same lead to?

I am not in your business area, so mabe I will just butt out and you can hit up the PW in your area.

I target mostly residential & have an exclusivity policy which means I only work with 1 company per 100 mile radius or it would be a conflict of interest.

Again, I am not Yelp or Homeadvisor who sale the same leads to multiple companies.

I appreciate your insights on this, I do not have a specific target area, I have clients all over the US.

Id agree to an initial small investment, say maybe $10 per lead, or 20 leads for $150 type of deal. Then if i find those leads produce, you can hit me up for more next time. Use a teaser offer, it helps your customer get to know you and your services.

Appreciate it Bounsoul. This is what I was after.

I think the issue is that you may not be yelp/HA, but they are your competitors; which means that more than likely the people reaching out to you are probably going to reach out to HA/Yelp - essentially creating the same problem. I do think this could be useful for someone just starting out, objectively a little better than them paying for Yelp/HA. That being said I think I would’ve paid (when we were starting out and needed leads) around $20 for a house wash lead.