Does it make sense to use 12v pump on concrete jobs

Hi I’m new to this and wanted some opinions . I have a 4 gallon per minute Simpson pressure washer and the person I bought it off of recommended that I get a Lonestar 12 V soft wash unit as well. I haven’t got around to getting an x jet or downstream and I’m wondering if I can just use the soft wash unit to pre/post treat driveways and what not, or if that just wouldn’t be efficient

depends on the concrete. With a 4gpm I think you get a stronger pull from a downstream injector than we do with 8gpms, but we always use a 12v on concrete

And the 12v lone star is ok to put degreaser and rust removal mixes in as well as bleach (on separate occasions)

Well, usually we use pump up sprayers for chems other than SH. A 12v is usually just for bleach as it’ll be the biggest tank you have aside from the buffer if you have one.