Does Ball valve affect flow

I just switched out my ball valve the other day on my hose. When cleaning out my machine/downstream injector at the end of the day I noticed the water wasn’t shooting as far as usual. Do you think the new ball valve would affect that
The machine is a 5.5 gpm bandit setup

No a ball valve won’t limit flow. Those ball valves will handle 8+ gpm. 5.5 won’t be a problem. How are you using a chem injector with the bandit? (I’m assuming it’s the bandit soft wash system from pressuretek?)

Naw the gx390 with a AR 5.5 pump on it

Gotcha. If you do a bucket test with the old ball valve and the new one, you’ll have a definite answer.

Yeah was trying to get around doing that, I switched all my fittings out for stainless steel so would have to put the fittings back on and all