Does anyone seal brick buildings? looking for price help


Had a call this morning to give estimate on sealing a apt complex. They want all the brick building sealed but have no idea on price. How much per sq ft do you think. We will wash and seal the buildings. There are 24 2 story buildings totaling around 125,000 sq ft of brick after subtracting doors and windows. They were last sealed 6 yrs ago.


What sealer are u planning on using ?


Your best course of action IMHO is subcontract out the sealing.


This is more a job for a painter. Do the cleaning and let a experience painting company do the sealing


looking at few different ones. any suggestions?


Depends on the customer and the job. If there is a reason it needs a long lasting sealer then like mentioned above refer to a painter going to be expensive to do all that. But if they don’t want to invest that munch I would use Plex Master sealer and add two or three cents a square foot


Cheap sealer is $100 for 5 gallons it will cover 1000sqft. Will last about a year. You will need to prep the building just like a painter would. Wash it then tape up everywhere you don’t want sealer. This is why i suggested you refer it to a painter


I will call around tomorrow for some estimates on the sealing and just sub it out possibly.