Does Anyone know where to buy just the skid mount for a 8gpm pressure washer?

I’m building my own pressure washer, Honda gx630 with a general tsf2021 at 8gpm. Just need a skid mount, but can’t find one anywhere for the 8gpm. Thanks guys!

Not sure where you are located. MVP in Raleigh NN has them for $550, including belt guard

SC. Not really looking to spend that much on one, do you know if that’s about how much they run?

You can probably get cheaper but then you are stuck with aluminium or thin gauge metal. I have some over 15 years old

I would have thought that you would have had all of the prices before starting to build this generic machine.

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Pressure pro has them in their catalog. Dultmeier might too.

I’m trying to get all the prices, but can’t find the skid so it’s hard to get the price of something that i can’t find, that’s why I’m asking around.

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Yep, pretty much any distributor has them.

I know they come with the engine holes pre-drilled, do the pump holes come pre-drilled?

Call Russ at Southside in Louisville, KY. He can get it for you reasonably priced, That’s where I got mine.

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Thanks Steve

I made my own. Did measurements and called local fab shop and drilled it myself. Mounted on rubber elevator pump unit isolation pads. Saved good money.

Used all aluminun. Wanted to do stainless but woulda spent what i saved i drill bits prob lol

Nice, got any pics of your project?