Does anyone know about the Roof Cleaning Institute?

Hi guys!

I’m wanting to expand into roof cleaning but would feel better if I first received some proper training from a reputable organization. Any thoughts out there on the Roof Cleaning Institute of America? I’ve attended the pwna convention in South Carolina and learned so much about pressure washing in general and want to do the same for roof cleaning. Any thoughts about Doug Rucker’s roof cleaning class? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I’ve been a (somewhat) passive member of the RCIA for years. Chris Tucker really has a heart to help out. They had a certification program and their forum had a ton of helpful info last time I checked. I know Chris had some serious health issues last year so I’m not sure if he recovered or retired. I’ve never taken Doug’s class but I know he is also a great guy who won’t steer you wrong in any way. You will likely get much more focused and hand’s on training with Doug compared to the RCIA.

I’m not an RCIA (paid) member, but that is usually my first stop for roof cleaning info. Chris Tucker is still very active in the board, despite the recent health problems…which he has been using to underscore the importance of proper PPE while roof cleaning.

As far as the other guy…I can’t say anything from personal experience, but I would research him very carefully before taking any further steps…reputations are usually earned, good or bad.

Back to the RCIA, Kevin from Peak of Perfection (who is also a fairly frequent poster here) is very active on their boards and is THE MAN when it comes to AODD info.

If you’re interested in doing roofs, you can’t beat the RCIA. Been a member for awhile and there’s a wealth of info available to you.

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Look into the Uamcc and Yes Doug Rucker is an amazing guy. I met him
before. The Uamcc will teach you everything you need to know about
everything pressure WASHING

To second washtoyou14 post, UAMCC has free training courses and seminars around the country. You can join as a free member initially to see if you like but I would encourage you to join since it gives you access to their FB page which is worth price of membership alone.

I can speak to Doug’s school. I attended it a couple of years ago and learned a lot. It is both hands on at customers homes and some classroom. But the best part is that if you ever have a question on anything about pressure washing, you can call or text Doug and you’ll have an answer in a few minutes. I still ask him questions every once in a while.

I am not familiar with his school but it sounds really interesting. We do a lot of roof cleaning here in Seattle but I am sure I could still learn a lot. I am going to check it out. If I learn anything new to offer I’ll post it back here. Thanks for the reference.

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