Does anyone have experience with this SC .

After much reading of comments on the matter and consideration, I am thinking of investing in this to actually speed my SC time UP from a 20" GP Hammerhead I currently use. I have read numerous places on here how 4" for every gpm is rule of thumb. Hopefully I will be upgrading to a 5.5 CW machine this year to turn the 20" better. (I have a 4/4200 belt driven)

Any feedback on this unit is appreciated. Also, do casters make a huge difference or no?

Total garbage. Castors will slow you down tremendously unless you are cleaning parking decks or huge expanses on a regular basis

The SC is total garbage? How come? You have experience with this unit?

Castors slow you down because they don’t handle bumps in sidewalks/driveways well?

I bought a couple to try. Swivel is junk. You cannot plug your gun in to the handle so you are forced to either shut down your machine or use a ball valve. Neither are professional options. They are heavy. The one single loop where the jump line goes thru rubs a hole in the hose. Lack of an elbow causes it to want to hover when on a sloped driveway. Castors drop off of sidewalks and into expansion joints in driveways, causing bars to get bent and nozzles to be damaged,

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Thanks for the response. Good to know about castors. I know Whisper Wash has a good reputation in the industry. Would you recommend this one? (If not, is there a 16" you can recommend?)

That is, hands down, the absolute best surface cleaner available. Stick with the 16 inch even after you get a 5.5. I prefer a 16 inch over a 19 inch with 8 gpm


I agree with @Innocentbystander here…I have the 16 inch Ultra paired with a 5.5gpm machine and you can move quickly. It’s very light, it grounds itself very well (doesn’t come flying off the ground needing weights to hold it down), and the footprint of it helps you get it into tight spots. It cleans sloped curbs well without the bar knicking the curbs like with a larger SC. It’s a joy to use even over the 19 inch Classic

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Something I do like about the BE is the angle of grips. It seems like the flat grips would be hard on your wrists? Am I totally off base on that? Thanks.

I have found it to be the opposite. Fixed handles work if you are the exact same height as the person that designed them and you hold them at the same angle all the time.

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So the flat grips work better for you?

I’m pretty much brand new to pressure washing and bought this because it was cheaper and someone had it in stock close to me. It’s worked great for me so far and I really like it. I’ve never used any other surface cleaner though, so I’m sure the other guys are right about it.

It’s just a flat grip on one side. Other side is your regular trigger gun. Unless I’m in a breezeway, it’s only a one hand deal most of the time

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What about this SC …with the grease zerk…

Mine is 8yrs old

How do you think it would perform with a 5.5 2500?

Isn’t that the Hammerhead rebranded? Or at least a generic version of it?


I’m assuming you don’t buy your lawn equipment at Lowe’s . The same is true for pressure washing . Cheap equipment does not save money. Whisper wash is made here in st Pete . You can buy them cheap around here . They are completely rebuildable and everyone has parts in stock. I have one that’s over 10 years old I still use every day.

I got it from these guys in Clearwater Rex is pretty helpful… They recommended it said the guys were having good luck with the greasable model…??

They have been banned from this, and other forums. You need to find a better vendor