Do you work out of your home or a commercial office?

Do you work from home or have a shop with a commercial address?

we just got an office last year. One of the best moves I feel I’ve made since opening. Gives me space and a place away from home. I definitely feel that I get more accomplished at the office as opposed to at home. What about you?

Still at home. I find it hard to get paperwork done at the end of the day. Distractions make it difficult. I have looked into an office/warehouse set up. If you want to build beyond being a solo operation, an office is a must. I just don’t want employees hanging around my house, parking all over the neighborhood.

Seperate room in my house which is my office. I love it in there. I just close the door and then close some deals and then go do family things.

Working out of the house and garage. Can not the justify the cost of a shop yet. I have thought in a few years it would be nice to buy a house with some land and build on that.

Both… Mostly my commercial office

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I have a dedicated office in the house, however I would be way more productive if I had a office somewhere other than my house.

Mine is spare bedroom dedicated as office only so I can use part of it as a tax write off

Phil did your accountant think it was a good idea to do that? My acct told me not to do that because if your house goes up in price by the time you sell it then the IRS is going to be looking to get there share as well.

Yes he did. Never mentioned the price increase. Maybe I should ask. I’ve been doing it for years with several businesses.

Trey, when I moved my office out of the house I became far more productive. There are to many distractions at the house.

does this still apply if your house is paid for ?

I claim my garage as my office, got my desk set up, file cabinets, store all of my gear and tools. Just starting up so I can’t even think of an office away from home

I try not to work much from any place.

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No just thought I would confirm I do not have to charge contractors to pay my mortgage, I actually run a successful business. Merry Christmas, oh that’s right you do not celebrate Christmas.

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