Do You Use a Dash Cam?

I have one in all my vehicles and the latest one I bought has a built in GPS that records speed and direction of travel. My employees don’t exactly love them but I sure do. They are getting cheaper all the time so I suggest you look into getting one if you don’t already have one. Two weeks ago a woman on a cell phone rolled through a stop sign and hit my wife’s car. My wife had the right of way but the cop believed the other driver and so we were faulted. Gonna install a dash cam in her car when it gets back from the body shop!


I’m looking into dash cams as well… I have had way too many close calls already. From some idiot almost clipping the front bumper, to watching an accident happen right in front of me & end in a rolled p/u behind me.
I need something that looks backwards as well as forward. I pull trailers on a semi-regular basis, & a single cam mounted on the back of the truck will not work for me… looking at the Falcon cam line right now.

Cams cut both ways…just make sure that you are always in the right as there is proof on them as to what actually went on…and they DON"T prevent accidents, so the close calls will continue.

Something that drives me nuts is baby on board stickers on a car. Why on earth would this affect the way people drive around? They dont read it and be like oh hey i should be more careful until I’m away from this car or is it a premeditated excuse for them driving like an idiot when they pull the I was distracted with baby card??

Rant went on to far lol but if those work so will these they are everywhere in my city.

lol from my understand, the baby on board sign is to notify emergency crews that there is a baby on board…that’s what I’ve been told, so essentially I don’t know if that’s overly accurate. But hey, I’m good with signage.

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I know they cut both ways. I do my best to keep my horses safe, extended space in front of me, early braking, slower acceleration. I just want some insurance to cover my tail in case things hit the fan on me. I don’t need some jerk hitting me, hurting a horse & leaving me holding the bag.
I joined here to help me fix my pressure washer, & lean how to keep it running to keep my trailers & the barn clean.


What brand did you recommend? Link if possible

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This is my latest one. I like it pretty well. It’s the only one I have that has GPS on it.

one of my clients just got this one:

he likes it