Do you seal expansion joints on drives and walks that have opened up?

Been doing some winter prep and two of my expansion joints have opened a bit.

Grabbed a bag of sand and a bag of pebbles to fill the void and was going to top it with self leveling sealer.

Unfortunately I can’t find my 32 oz adapter or manual gun so off to the hardware store again today I go.

Seemed like it might be a good fit for some folks to add on.

Is the expansion joint material still in there and the sand and pebbles are beside it

I picked the wrong words, it is not an expansion joint, it is one of the controlled breaking points they trowel in when they pour. It doesn’t have any expansion material in it. The slabs have shifted and separated about 3/4 of an inch. No idea when it happened, previous owners had it when it started.

It’s not so bad I feel it needs serious repair, however it is letting water run under the slab and that wont be good in freezing weather. The pea gravel and sand are just fill so the crack sealer can be a bit thinner.

Seems crack sealing and other minor repairs might fit with cleaning flat work.

I use Sikaflex for cracks, it takes a bit of practice to do a good neat job.
There are many different types of sika for different applications so make sure you get the right one , I recommend using the priming fluid before placing sealant as it promotes adhesion to both sides of crack.

SIKA is what I plan on using but couldn’t find my 32 oz tube holder or a 32 manual gun

How do u find the battery gun? I have thought about getting one but it hasn’t happened yet I’m still manual.

Love it for bigger jobs, overkill and bulky for small ones.

Had a big job putting a lot of cove base on and it worked great with the Robert’s glue tubes and nozzles.

was kind of heavy on overhead work like crown mouldings.

Bead hole has to match the speed, if it is too small you can push the caulk by the piston, it has that much power.

I would buy it again for larger projects.

Thanks for the review