Do you offer gutter cleaning?

Do you clean gutters?
Is it an afterthought or is it something that you actually advertise?

Yes sir I do! It actually caught fire last year and it is a VERY nice add-on. Profit margins are great as well.

I never look forward to gutter cleaning, but it’s easy work (unless the house is built all friggin fancy). We advertise it and have some regular gutter cleaning customers.

Yes we do. I hate it, it’s tedious and dirty but profitable.

we advertise on our website, but it’s kinda hidden. Down here in Florida, a lot of homes don’t have gutters because we don’t get the seasonal change where leaves fall too much. On average, we get maybe a home or two a month. And even though I hate doing it, we always make close to $75 per man hour.

Heck yeah I do. I love it. Gonna make a big push for it this year.

As much as i hate gutter cleaning. We tried a different approach. Ill post the video later.

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Sure do!

I love gutters!

Not the actual work so much but the end of the year cash surge… It helps us make it through a slow winter…

We will be releasing a PWRA gutter cleaning marketing packet this week…

Just started offering it last month

We only do the inside of the gutters as an add on to our house washes. We also do gutters for some condo complexes.

about the same here in Savannah, Andrew.

Chris where can I find the PWRA marketing packet for gutters?

@Chris @Thad

Chris and Jess 100% handle the PWRA now.
I’m just Member #1!

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Only as an upsell to current customers with houses I can use the giant shop vac attachment on. I don’t really advertise it anymore.