Do you need SH in HW mix

Hey guys, I have a dumb question. I have a job coming up where the homeowner wanted their newly purchased house washed. The house is actually pretty clean, no algae or any build up. Just a bit dusty on the outside. It’ wood siding newly painted. I have used SH in my mix for stucco and vinyl siding when there has ben algae or heavy build up. But something like this I’m thinking I could get away with just using a good house wash soap and some water. We don’t always have to run SH right ?

Water doesn’t clean anything, it just pushes stuff around. Can you use just soap and water like you would if you were washing your hands? Well, what do you think?

I’m a part timer, so I will take the time to answer this. For some people, they are in the busiest time of their season and don’t have time to answer questions. Maybe I come off condescending or like I am bitter, but lets be real, about 15 - 20 minutes of a search would have answered your question.

You can, and it would be cleaner, but nowhere near as clean as if you used SH.

Not worth it for you or the customer in my opinion. But you can always give it a shot and see what happens, it won’t hurt anything besides your bottom line.

Dude lol I would have preferred you kept scrolling. You are a condescending human and I found your comment to be in no way useful. To be honest most of my searching on this sight I just find comments from guys like you, being condescending telling people to use the search bar. But good for you man.

Thank you

Just use a lighter HW mix……but yeah you can use just some surfactant. If me I’d go lighter mix…much success.

Is he being condescending? probably…Is he correct? :100: %


Got it, don’t use this forum to ask for advice, noted. In my defense I did read about 10 posts regarding house mix and did not find the answer I was looking for. Next time I will search the ends of the earth.

You have to understand, many (read as all) of the topics we see here day in and day out are just regurgitations of topics already discussed ad nauseam for eons now. Every once in a while there will be some new tidbits of information that comes along but for the vast majority of subjects it’s just the dead horse routine. No one is discouraging you from asking questions, after all that’s why this place exists, however, simple questions like “we don’t have to run SH right?” should be easily found with a search. In fact, I did just that and found a thread from less than 10 days ago that answered your question. The point of the forum format is to condense useful information into topics and not have 94 quadrillion topics answering the same thing over and over again. It just becomes cluttered. Now, I have my tag name because I do my absolute best to stay off topic but I search these forums weekly if not daily for answers I need and we all appreciate when others do the same. That’s it. Nothing personal against you and I’m sure Dirtyboy has bestowed some knowledge upon this forum that you will find useful down the road so don’t put him on your Billy Madison list just yet.

ETA: Also, it appears you need to take the time to understand the chemicals that you’re using. SH only works on organic stains. That’s it. It does nothing for anything else whatsoever. If you understood that, your question would’ve never been asked as you stated there were no organic stains present on the house. Again, not an attack on you but we are professionals here and professionals know this stuff.


By all means, ask for advice…I do it all the time. But make it your goal to not tie up guys who are busy running their own business if they’ve already answered the question a dozen times.


While this is a community for interaction/questions, it’s also a bit of a knowledge repository with pretty much everything you’d ever need to know about the pressure washing business. It may take some time to find what you were initially looking for, but you’ll find a dozen other juicy treats along the journey.


Heard and understood. Thank you for explaining

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That’s a great way to describe it - a repository of over 10 years worth of pw info somewhat categorized.

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Also known as “Rick & William’s brains all dumped into digital categories”… :rofl:

Yeah amazing resource, just gotta accept the hazing and sift through all the side comments about which Jeep is better.:laughing:

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There have been Jeep discussions?..where? I’m in! :rofl:

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Let’s do it!

The wheelbase is sooooo long :grimacing:

Although I guess you won’t get high-cenetered with those wheels on her :rofl:

I need to get another Jeep…mine’s been gone for a few years now

If you look up my username we just discussed this question and thanks to those who took part! You’ll find everything you need there.

I think you quoted the wrong person

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He’s trying to learn you right.