Do you charge more for houses without gutters?

And if you do, is it because of the product you apply to the plants to prevent killing them. Which product do you use for the plants?



Water… We apply water to the plants. It dilutes any residue. If there are no gutters, we may cover the plants on the drip line with tarps. Just move them often and do not let them burn the vegetation.

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It’s very rare here, but we just skip them.

Yes, especially if there are a lot of plants, because we spend more time watering than cleaning.

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always bag them, and water when roof cleaning !

If you’re talking about charging more for roof cleaning on houses with no gutters, the answer is yes. This is because of the extra work we do to protect the landscaping. Tarping plants, extra watering, and we usually rinse at least the bottom half of roofs with no gutters. All this takes more time, and time is money.

Yes, we charge more. We do about 15 or more homes each year that don’t have gutters. Most of these homes have some form of plant material along the foundation. Another concern it always the decks. It can be somewhat labor intensive for set up and breakdown of tarps. Also, we will take great care to minimize the run off. We keep diluting, diluting and diluting. This includes all plant material, decks and glass.


Because our service is the cedar shakes roof cleaning and rinsing is a must we just pass when no gutters. To much water can do just as much harm to plants also. Depending on the time of year.