Do you bag downspouts or not?

All of the roofs have gutters around here. I’m wondering if you bag downspouts, divert them or just dilute the downspout area really well?

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Bag it.

bag it!

Bag it! Then gutter cane after bag comes off.

Bag it

Ok, sounds like I’m bagging the down spouts then. Thanks guys.

What do you guys usually do with the bagged runoff?

Use it as weed killer around rock breaks and in the fence row.

Bag it

Divert them.

I tried bagging it one time and didn’t like it. I just flood the downspouts for at least 15 minutes prior to cleaning. I’m using hangtight for my sufactant now and have very little runoff.

5 gallon buckets under the downspouts is first choice if we can’t do that we bag it…

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If we can’t see where the rain goes the downspout feed Shinto it gets bagged. Better safe then sorry

We bag during and flood the area afterwards.

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What if the downspouts run into the yard and they can’t be taken apart before they go into the ground? Where the downspouts come into the yard there is no way to divert or bag them. What do you guys do in this case?

We strictly flood every gutter pre, during, and post cleaning. We pretty much only wash non walkable roofs with steep pitches, so we tend to get a lot of run off at times trying to get the wind just right to hit the peak 30 ft up the roof while we are on the roof line 12 ft off the ground. We tried bagging them before and what is worse is ending up with 10 gallons of mix that the bag bursts in the yard while you’re trying to tote it. To me that’s way worse. We haven’t had hardly any issues flooding the gutters before, during, and after now.

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We bag it then flood downspout areas when we’re done also. A few times we left bags on when we left because of upcoming light rain. I’ve been worried about the surrounding landscape when i does rain because of the sodium. Does anyone else take any post-wash precautions to protect landscape? Or am i just wasting my time bagging after and coming back to empty them?

We use 9 mil poly tubing that works as a bag or diversion tube. Seal the end and you have a bag. Very durable.

A friend of mine told me about this, l bought a roll 725 feet 8 inches wide / 6mills thick.
Cut 'em in strips 6 feet each and tie a not at one end to collect the runoff and disposal is easy as pie.


Here’s another tip:

If you rinse a lot after a roof wash, think about disconnecting the bag first - they can get pretty heavy!