Do you allow headphones on the job?

I do not allow the use of electronic devices while working. I feel it’s important to be aware of surrounding at all times so no cell phones and no iPod, etc. while working. They can check messages during breaks.

What is your policy?

No phones no iPods allowed on job

I’m on the phone all the time. Can blame my guys for having to take a call, they do sales too. Headphones, if I feel the customer is ok with it. We did a wc job today for 7 hours, no homeowner, maintenance guy was our contact at te house. We all had headphones in cause it was ok to do so. Single mon at home trying to chat? No way. Pw job @ night? Can’t say cause I haven’t done one yet. Roof cleaning job with no one home, one headphone in, one out? Might be guilty. I’m still a young buck so I’ll blame it on that

Our policy is only the supervisor is allowed to have on one them during the job. The other guys have to leave it in the truck… Way to much texting and fiddling around… And like Thad said I really want people to be aware of there surroundings.

If I was out working everyday in the field myself… though… I would probably listen to audio books all day.

I wear mine occassionally when I work in the mornings.

I have the iheart radio app that allows me to listen to local stations on my phone.

can you confirm or deny that 90% of “they” have the last name Eckhoff? “You violated company policy! You’re grounded!” “Aww, Daaaaaddd…”

this is how my guys usually roll. They feel they work faster with music, and it’s not a battle I’m willing to fight at this point. Also some of the places we work one or two of them will always have sucky service, so if just the crew leader carried a phone, I might not be able to get in touch with anyone on the crew.

I did audiobooks a little, but mostly podcasts mixed in with rap. A whole lot of rap. It gets me in a good groove!

For PW I wear hearing protection ear muffs with ipod under. For windows, IPod, one headphone in. Stay aware of you’re surroundings and not be tempted to start having a conversation with the windows.

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I can see where it might not be as big a deal if you’re cleaning windows but if you are power washing or roof cleaning there are so many ways for things to get really bad, really quick that it’s a necessity to keep your ears open.

Oh, and [MENTION=2033]cudog[/MENTION], why do you need ear protection? I run 200’-250’ of hose so sometimes I can’t even hear the machine running unless I really listen for it.

I had to do a speech once on hearing protection and learned a lot about the cumulative effects of noise and the damage it causes.
That kind of spawned my overly cautions stance on hearing protection. Also I only have 150’ of hose, so sometimes I’m close to
the washer. I usually set the washer up at the corner of the house so I can do two sides than double back and get the other two.
Finally, I don’t want to be the old guy with the hearing aid that is emiting the high pitched whistle that drives everybody crazy.

Hearing protection just makes noise safe. Kind of like sunglasses don’t make you blind, just takes the intensity down. Lumberjacks
have one of the most dangerous occupations around, they wear hearing protection.

Sorry, kind of my soapbox topic.

yup, any noise over the volume of a normal conversation es no bueno. i used to have 4 - 12" jl audios in the back of my 1998 gmc jimmy hatch back. won a competition at 149db. lost a little bit of hearing in my right ear. been pretty cautious ever since.

as a carpet cleaner i used to wear them all the time. often had customers trying to talk to me. think its kinda rude to a customer. i dont care what a customer wants to say to me, even if its “would you like a glass of water?”, i dont think that they should have to repeat themselves after you remove the earphones. kinda rude.

I have been battling with this also…I can see both sides. I think i am going to ban both in at one time at the very least…may ban them all together.

im one in one out myself when in the feild, unless its a very talkative customer

I will only were them on night jobs when no ones around only keep one earcbud in I always have two here what’s going on

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I jam out all day long…when I’m by myself. Most customers go inside the house when I’m washing so no issue there…basically they don’t care if they guy washing their house is listening to music with headphones. I can feel it in my hands if there is a problem with my machine…cavitation or I just ran out of gas…etc.

Employees…thats a horse of a different color. Nothing urks me more than having to chase down someone to give them instructions because they cant hear me. I do remember this customer with a driveway that was like 500 feet long and when my guy saw me get my headphones he knew could that he could get his…but that was the exception to the rule.

My oldest son is my helper. He is a very responsible young man but he is still a teenager too. I threatened to fire him on our last job if I saw his phone one more time! I don’t even have mine on me when I’m working. I check it at the truck periodically and always out of sight. I don’t mind if he does the same but if I have to look for him and he is playing on the phone, I will dock his pay!

Like Thad, there is too much going on and too many ways for someone to get hurt.

I have one ear bud in constantly. Pandora always streaming. I don’t believe it causes any issues, or concerns with the customer.

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These are the only kind of communication allowed on job site. Want to hear tunes? Wait till you’re in the van or truck away from the customer’s sight. Only Supervisor has cell while working. Jamming out on someone else’s dime (Mine or Customers) is not the image I want for our Company… I want full attention to the job at hand.