Do water reclaim vacuums have a faulty design?

So i’ve owned a few different water reclaim vacuums and they all seem to have the same problem. They use a sump pump to transfer water from the vacuum to either a grey water tank or landscaping. None of them have held up because mud accumulates at the bottom of the vacuum and clogs the pump. Then the water level rises and fries the vac motor. These things literally need to be taken apart and cleaned out every single day.

I’ve looked at those big industrial vacuum trucks and it looks like the suction is created in the waste tank and there is no transfer process. This seems to make a whole lot more sense rather than having a vacuum and grey water tank.

Does anyone else have never ending issues with vacuums?

Blower. Stihl. Sweep the dirt first. Done.

We have the same issues. We fried an electric vacuum once because of this and burnt out many sump pumps over the years as well. Not the greatest design.

The blower sounds like a good idea to me. What do you think, @ John_T ?

A blower could help in certain situations but the root of the problem is the extremely overpriced and under engineered vacuums that are on the market. They are essentially beefed up wet/dry vacs and those vacuums were never designed for pumping water.

I think a metal waste tank (maybe 300 gallons) with the vacuum hooked up directly to it would be the best option.

I literally hate these vacuums after my dealings with them.

No don’t use a blower because all your doing is making the dust go airborne and right into your guys lungs if they’re not properly masked and the dust will just settle back down. Use a wet system to pick up grime then Powerwash afterwords. We use Sunbelt scrubbers before we Powerwash/vac.