Do most pressure washing companies seal concrete after using a surface cleaner

Hi I was just wondering if any companies you guys have used (or own) seal concrete after pressure washing it?

If so is this considered a standard that is built in or if it is usually offered at an additional cost and an estimate at what this cost may be! Thanks for any help as I am a newbie

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all I know is I don’t seal anything after washing it




Some people in the wash world offer sealing as an up sell after surface cleaning pavers and concrete. You do not have to seal after you surface clean. It is not necessary and the majority of us don’t.

I’ve only sealed a pool deck one time because the customer asked me. But I don’t usually offer it.

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I up sell sealing but not usually for concrete, flagstone and things like that. I also don’t drive more than 30 min to most of my jobs.

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I’ll drive anywhere as long as it’s profitable.


I offer it, use Hydro Defend from Sherwin Williams. Cost me about $21/gallon, easy to apply and have had favorable results. Applies with a pump sprayer, charge $25/gallon and $80/hour for my time.


Is it a water based sealer?

Yes is water based, dries clear no sheen. The key to using it is not putting it down too heavy, a big puddle takes a long time to dry. Only had 1 issue, had left over sitting around for while and the solids congealed a little. Buy it and use it.


I use Sek Surebond 4000, also waterbased. Just a suggestion keep a split foam roller on hand when you’re applying sealer. Let it sit to absorb but if you have those heavy low spots just run the roller over it. Foam will confirm to the surface and ensure you don’t have problems with low spots pooling.

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I make a lot of money doing concrete sealing. I have a $1600 exposed aggregate driveway coming up Friday. I also seal stone, pavers, and brick.

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Customers in the affluent subdivisions are convinced their driveways need to be sealed and I’ve lost a lot of business because of that.

They do need sealer and why are you losing business?

This stuff is so EZ to apply I almost feel guilty taking their money…but not quite.

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What’s he point in sealing concrete? Does it wear out or peel up? I honestly don’t know anything about it.

It depends on the concrete but it can do a lot of things. On the exposed aggregate it helps to maintain not only the beauty of it, but helps to keep the pebbles from delaminating. On stamped concrete which usually has some type of a color added in It provides UV protection and keeps the color fresh and vibrant. On bricks such as walkways patios steps etc it helps to prevent water absorption which leads to the freeze thaw cycle loosening the mortar joints.


Thanks for the info. I honestly just thought of it as a gimmick to boost ticket prices.

Because I don’t seal.

You’re missing out big time.

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Probably. I don’t have any room left for a sealing system. I’ve seen what happens when people try to roll this stuff on, it looks like garbage. The real professionals here have these fancy sprayer systems.