Do I have to be licensed?

I bought all of my equipment, have an llc in place, going to buy insurance. Do I have to be licensed in florida? How do I even go about getting licensed?

Thank you for that. I wasn’t sure if it was an actual requirement or not. And what it meant to be licensed. Every time I saw licensed and insured I thought someone had to take classes and get some kind of cert.

Nope. It’s just something that sounds cool but means nothing. Business licenses were done away with in my state because they are an unfair tax on a business. I still have dozens from towns in other states. There are actually crack pot contractors pushing legislation in their states to require extensive and expensive hoops to jump thru to het a license. Big time washer in Maryland is doing it trying to do away with competition under the guise of protecting the consumer

ONLY if you collect TAXES on a job…

That is not an accurate comment. Do not base your decision on that. I have to have licenses in TN, GA and SC but do not have to collect tax.

Ok I won’t worry about that right now then. I’ll get that done later just so I can throw it on my business card. One thing I feel is a necessity is insurance. At least I can protect myself and my client.

if he pays you for a service you did for them in Tennessee you HAVE TO PAY taxes on it.
Accurate, Plain and Simple

That’s true but that has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. If you earn money, yes you must pay taxes in it. You stated earlier if you collected taxes from someone you had to have a business license. Thst is still an untrue statement.

Hi, what county are you in? I’m doing the same thing and planning on starting up as soon as I get back to the states from my deployment. I sent an email to the county (Dade) and I’m currently waiting for their reply, I’ll keep you posted on the results. So far from searching it looks like we don’t need one since I couldn’t find one source that states we do.

NC did away with requiring business licenses and instead left it up to individual counties and municipalities. For instance my county doesn’t require a license, and while my town doesn’t require a “license” it does require that I “register my business” on a yearly basis.

You might try getting in touch with the Economic Development Partnership which is run through the NC Department of Commerce and the Small Business Center Network which has centers at a lot of community colleges. They can help you navigate some of the regulatory issues.

Thanks for the response. I’m in Lee county. I don’t think it’s a necessity either. Just another way for the state to take my money lol

If your going to venture in commercial washing or work for real estate and prop managers than you need to be fully lic/ins. Just my experience in dealing with those ppl.

You can’t be licensed if you are in a state without them.

Thats true but the guy who started the topic said he was in Florida which is where im at and they do require it.

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There’s no such thing as a State/county/city licence, it’s a TAX RECEIPT here in Florida. People call it a licence, basically it’s a permit. They don’t test you to verify you’re capable to do your job.
Once you sign up in the county and City you live and or work in you​ will get junk mail. :+1:

None the less its a piece of paper required to do business in fla. If your doing business in this state they are getting a piece of it.