DMV 5X8, 8.5GPM budget build

Hello from MD
Would lie to share my build. This forum is has been a big help in planning. Building to make money in the community and to help some friends that cant properly care for their property on their own. I enjoy pressure washing but I’ve never built one. I thought long n hard before pulling the trigger on the Predator engine. Got the base, pump and all the parts fir the engine build from Southside Equipment.

A 6 year old 5X8 trailer inspected for safety and load.

Leg tank kit from PWP and a used tank.

Had my son-in-law Weld on supports for the engine and reels.

My layout


A predator next to a Toyota. Give me a moment.

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Two Toyotas actually :grin:


The Lexus doesn’t count, that’s for folks that don’t own tools lol.

What do you plan on doing with the drop down gate?

Cut it up and make grill grates


Drop down gate is a great billboard.


LOL. That Lex comment got me. Im looking to remove the gate. Good point about advertising but Id rather be ditch is and have quick access.

@ Innocentbystander “Cut it up and make grill grates”
Got an example of how that’s useful? Pics perhaps?

Going from from the garden hose reel to the HFV
What filter would you recommend?

The gate is in the way where it is. Expanded metal makes great grates if you make grills. Reels need to be on back of trailer, not the sides

Used reels both ways. I prefer curb side

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How can you safely do that next to a sidewalk? Tether?

Never uploaded pics of the finished product.
It’s got good use throughout the summer. Had to replace a belt as I didn’t have the pulleys properly aligned. After replacing and adjusting the pulley at the pump, it ran well. I earned more then enough over the summer to grab a Honda 690. To all looking to start and see if this is the right career move for you, the predator is a great starting point. Build it yourself and you will learn a lot.


If the rig was doing well for you, why did you change to the H690?? Were you having any issues with your Predator engine? I ask as I am considering build options over the winter. Especially if you have $900 into the engine and going to put in another $1800 + Muffler to move to a different power source. I just wanted to understand your reasoning for doing so.


Haven’t moved to a 690 yet. Reason for the new Honda engine is that its part of a skid that I plan on mounting to a truck, I won’t be building this one and I’ll probably keep this for a while. If I can afford to, I’ll be keeping the trailer as well as Im interested how long the HF will run and to see how it compares.

Why Honda?
I work for a company that uses both the H800 and the H690. I know these are work horses as we run them hard and they’ve proven longevity and reliability. Also, from what I’ve read and videos Ive watched Honda seems to overwhelmingly be the pros favorite. I spoke with a few techs who also speak to how long some of their engines have been in the field. Lastly, they hold their resale value. So when Im ready to sell I should get a decent return on my investment.

But yes, Im very pleased with the HF thus far

Thanks for the input Dave. How many hours do you think you have on the engine thus far. I have probably put +/- 100-150 hours on this year. I need to put on the hour tracker. I am only doing this part time but want to increase my efficiency as much as possible and the move to 8gpm vs. 4 gpm machine will help to maximize that.

Im around 150hr give or take.
Yes, The 8 provides a tremendous difference in speed, especially when it comes to rinsing and surface cleaning. I can also shoot farther with it. Side note - Both the 690 and the Predator are paired to a TSF2021 pump and both seem to put out the same volume and shoot the same distance.

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