DIY Surface Cleaner Oops

I did a job earlier this week and obviously the homeowner had given it a shot before me. I pointed out the marks before I started and the owner agreed that they were there and it was damage they had done. I told her I don’t know how or if this could be fixed and it could look better or worse after cleaned and she gave me the go ahead.

Below is the damage I’m talking about and the surface cleaner that was used. I asked the homeowner to show it to me so I could better understand the damage and explain why mine shouldn’t cause more of the same. One of the tips in this thing was barely finger tight and the other was pretty snug.

I really can’t believe they sell these things based on what I’ve learned here and the etching this thing caused.

Do any of you guys uses this type of thing for marketing or client education? I feel like DIY is one of my main competitors.

its all about the orifice size on those tips and the pressure applied. It looks like a zero degree nozzle was used to etch that concrete. That is an el cheapo surface cleaner, goes for $129 new. Sometimes You Get What You Paid For.

Caveat Emptor - been around for hundreds of years and still isn’t followed. Humans are irrational creatures.

Edit: If you look closely at the lines you can see which were done with the surface cleaner and which were done with a wand.


He’s got zero tips on the surface cleaner lol


To me it looks like someone got a little happy with the red tip as well… and that looks worse / more noticeable than the surface cleaner markings.

I will echo others here, clearly a zero deg tip in the SC. And yes, esp in a pandemic, one of the biggest competitors is DIY, that and fly by night outfits operating on home store equipment at cutthroat prices. I have told a prospect to save my number in case the other guy leaves swirls on their driveway.

Side note, Northern Tool needs to excuse itself from the pressure washing industry altogether. That’s where that “Workhorse” SC came from.

That is absolutely sphinctered, only organic growth can semi hide that.

wow zero degree surface cleaner. why just why? should be illegal for companies to sell SC like that. there’s a 0% chance it doesn’t damage something


I’m guessing/hoping that was a mistake made during assembly at the factory? That can’t possibly be the tips they intended to put in the SC…

“Hey Billy, we’re all out of meg nozzles for the surface cleaners being assembled. Can you run down to the warehouse and grab a box?”

“Oops, these were 0° nozzles. Whelp, the boxes are all taped up, so I guess they’re going out like that…”

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You’d hope so, but in the facebook groups i remember seeing this a couple times. always with the low end brands. Maybe they don’t intend on it, but i don’t think it should happen at all.

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I started out with that exact same surface cleaner. It does indeed come stock with 0 degree tips. It took my 6 months to realize I could change them to 25 degree tips. It was a night and day difference. No clue why they are stock 0 tips… I agree that most Northern Tool pressure washing stuff is junk. This surface cleaner in particular is completely useless.

I smell a lawsuit brewing. Can’t believe they felt that was a good idea.