DIY Softwash Metering System


Oh. Thanks for explaining!


Supposedly it voids you’re warranty if you take apart.


How do you service the check valves?


You mix sh,h2o, and elemonator before you downstream? I have read so many different things, and what I have read is people just mixing sh with elemonator and then dowsteaming for the water to mix into it? Let me know, Im all ears…


That’s a strong mix but sometimes necessary. I wash the same exact buildings every year and they aren’t super dirty. Even still, a 50/50 mix then downstreamed is about as strong as i have needed


Thanks you. I will for sure take that as a lesson learned. I have only been able to use %10, it hasn’t gotten me in any situations but always leaves me a little nervous. %12 is just a drive to go get it. Is it really worth it for that extra%2??


I don’t know. I only use 12.5 so can’t do a comparison


Ever use the Allison super soaker ?


Didn’t know if you had seen this -


I don’t have facebook. I’m not able to see that link without creating an account. What is it?


mixing system he built about a year or so ago


Could you take some photos or screenshots and post them here? Sorry, my wife and I really despise social media lol. I’d love to see it though if you can show it somehow.


Yes. It is basically a GP injector John has engraved with his logo and whatnot. Myself and another vendor put the calipers to them. Identical in every way and draw rate is identical. I think its psychological that if you are tricked into paying 4 times what something is worth you convince yourself it’s great.


I got screwed then. Bot one a couple of years ago just to try and to keep as a fully assembled backup. Tried it out few months ago when doing some testing, actually pulled less than my $13 GP one. Went back into the backup box for dire emergencies, lol


Like how he secured the hoses with quick connects to the frame…gonna do it too on mine


@jzbreeland and @Infinity are engineer wizards. I’m loving this thread, but I’m just a caveman. I might try to make one this winter and buy the Pro Portioner as a necessary back up.


Yes I do believe it’s to hide the components. Just an fyi, the bolts on the back secure the ball valve to the enclosure, they do not need to come off to access the inside. You would need to remove the ball valve handles and the four bolts in the corners. Doing so would void their warranty, they want the unit back for the servicing. So yeah it’s all hush hush plumbing lol. I’m assuming theirs has a pvc block on the top which only acts to secure the “tees” that has been molded into it.


What’s your opinion of having a metering system that’s not all tucked away behind a stainless steel plate? Does it still have value if it’s not secret? Would it be easier or more difficult to work with if it wasn’t in a box?

If it doesn’t go into some sort of box, I’m not sure how it would be “mounted.” Maybe a PVC back panel/plate to secure components to? Then it could be bolted to any surface people wanted possibly? Thoughts?


Hey Racer, I’m getting a page that displays the link may be broken or expired. Is it still up? I’d love to see it :slight_smile:


I would prefer it not to be boxed so the components are that much more accessible and it would also give you a better visual indicator if you started to leak somewhere. The box does keep the UV rays off their PVC block and manifold which would keep them from becoming sun bleached. But I would just mount the assembly to 1/4" or 3/8" ABS sheet, they sell it in various thicknesses and precut sizes, it’s also relatively inexpensive. You could even bolt up some steel to the bottom kind of like they did at Chipotle

so you could lean it back and mount it to a truck bed rail or the edge of a flatbed.