DIY Softwash Metering System


Never really thought about, have always had a filter on everything. Easier to get to than on the manifold if in some type of box. But either will work.


Gotcha. Thank you though. I’m going to try to get some 3D models of what this could look like maybe later this week or next week and I’ll post it up and hopefully you can share your thoughts on that. I honestly don’t see the need for everything to be locked up in a box. Maybe you know the reason? I fee like everything would be better off out in the open, easy to access, easy to maintain, and just come up with a simple way (such as a flat plate with mounting holes) for people to mount everything to. Do you see any benefits to it either being in a box or not in a box?


No, I think mounted to a backing plate would be fine, but I keep my pumps and stuff in a box as as you know, just neater that way to me.


I’m sure the box is purely aesthetic. As well as maybe keeping some ‘mystery’ involved with the device. It honestly doesn’t look all that mysterious or $1200 price-tag-worthy without a box hiding the simple plumbing… :smirk:


@Infinity, do you think people would buy a functional version that wasn’t mysteriously hidden behind a stainless steel enclosure and that didn’t cost so much that it seems like it had super futuristic technology inside of it?


Update. GF is sending me 3 FREE 523 1/2" metering valves. :smile:


I am currently selling $12 3 way bal valves in a fancy plastic case for $99.99 if ff anyone is interested


You are right about all that, it’s nothing complex but the secrets behind the curtain can’t be let out. A few months ago I had a conversation with a guy that had purchased one, built his own and then purchased another two. I know he had the handles and cover off at one time. I kindly asked if he had a pic of the internal plumbing because I was curious about serviceability when I need to swap metering valves and if the components used were worth the price tag. I wanted to know if any CPVC was used or if it was all PVC and what material the check valve bodies made of. He would only tell me there were no CPVC parts being used, it’s all hard piped and the check valves were black lol


So you’ll be able to sell me those very ones for real cheap ehhh lol

Absolutely not, I’m done drop shipping items for you! You still owe me money for the last two quarters


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I’m not sure if you’re mocking me for what I’m trying to do, or suggesting that the Proportioner is way overpriced for what it is…?


Why is it all secretive? Paul from the PowerWashStore recommends rebuilding or replaced the check valves for the bleach annually. The back panel in the Proportioner has bolts on it. Surely people who have purchased it have taken it apart and seen the internal components, right? But even if it was somehow kept secret, there is really only so many ways to accomplish the mixing. And when you have 3 lines, 1/2" inlets, 1/2" outlets, 3 GF 523 metering valves, a compact footprint, and hastelloy check valves, there is really only one or two options to build it.

Do you think the stainless steel enclosure is solely for “keeping the plumbing a secret”?


I’m not mocking you. Heck, I haven’t even followed this post much. I do think reinventing the wheel to make something that is more costly and less efficient is strange but vendors have to come up with something to sell. On the other hand, I’m all for tinkering with stuff and reverse engineering. On a side note, you wanna buy one of my 99 bucks specials :slight_smile:


No, thank you though lol. While you are here, do you have any thoughts or suggestions on a cheaper and more efficient and effective metering system? Does it have any value to you, or are you batch mixing? If you have any suggestions or advice about this, I’d really love to hear it from you. I know you’ve been doing this probably longer than I’ve been alive lol.


My method is super simple. Pour 25 gallons of SH, 40 gallons of water and a glug glug of elemanator into a 65 gallon tank. Downstream for a couple of hours then repeat. Use that simple $12 ball valve to turn from soap to rinse. Granted, I don’t do roofs. Other than roofs I personally can think of no reason to have a 12v or air system. @Racer does and I think he is the cats meow so I’m obviously missing something somewhere


I see. Thanks for sharing your trade secrets lol. I didn’t realize you downstreamed your apartments. Makes sense though. What injector do you use, or is it custom?


2.1. I use pressuretek’s modified ones without the springs


Oh wow. I didn’t even realize you could get 2:1 with DS’ing!


2.1 refers to orifice size in milimeters. Nothing to do with ratio. It is an orifice for 5 gpm machines. I use them because i need the back pressure to get venturi with 250 feet of hose