DIY Softwash Metering System


That one weird valve drives my ocd crazy. Can’t look at it anymore.


Do u use a droptube for your soap or do you have a separate saddle tank?
Also curious, do you a favorite 12V pump?


He wasn’t concerned with OCD like you and i are lol. He just wanted functionality and short lead time. This was the only option we could think of.


I’m waiting on @tireshark to get testing.


Yes, We use a PWS/Tim Aselton Proportioner and previously used Slo-mo regularly.


Me too lol. He told me he’s pretty busy tho. I guess we’ll just have to wait.


Which ones don’t require flushing?


what happened to eliminating the elbows, I thought I read the hat you were trying to use a 3 way Y fitting or hose?


We did some math that’s showed that a 1" elbow had minimal losses through it, and the costs associated with having a custom manifold molded as a double te was way out of the practical cost range.

And it’s the diaphragm check valves that’s don’t require any flushing at all.


sounds good. are the diaphragm check valves the same as the ones in the
latest pics? those are the ones with the hastelloy springs…correct.


They are much more expensive. Might not be necessary with the quality and price of the hastelloys with viton seals


Justin is doing great work with this, ultimately I’d like to have a metering system where I can just turn off the soap and bleach to flush the pump without having to flush the SH valve. And of course, have all the valves be the same, lol. I’m with @Racerwith the whole OCD perspective. :drooling_face:


Which is more expensive, I’m lost on the check valve options?


Diaphragm significantly more expensive. Over 100$ each. Hastelloys about 15 30ish $


No, diaphragm check valves do not have any metal springs inside (hastelloy or otherwise). The ones in the picture are hastelloy spring check valves.


One of my check valves got delayed because the supplier was out of stock. Went and picked up just a basic PVC check valve yesterday to use for now, since it’s just for the soap line. Had some projects that just finished up, hoping to get it hooked up and testing here in the next few days.

Here is where i have it mounted on my trailer right now:



Which do you recommend?


looks sweet!!!


Diaphragm is the best choice, but the drawback is the additional cost.

I went with Hastelloy for the time being, to save a little cash while i see how everything works, and to see how long the Hastelloy will last. Can easily upgrade to diaphragm later, as the check valves are threaded connections.


cool, thanks for the feedback @tireshark, from my previous research,
hastelloy is supposed to be non corrosive, even against bleach. So it
should take a good while before they need replacement.
Did you get your system plumbed up to your rig yet? If so, how’s it
performing? Very excited to hear the results of your test runs.