DIY Softwash Metering System


Some more of these arrived today.


So here is basically prototype 1.5. Chemline only had 3 1" valves in stock and nothing else, and @getherdone contacted me about alternatives to waiting until the end of January, so we came up with this solution. He opted to have the 2 1" Chemline valves and have the 1/2" valve be a GF 523 model. He was okay not having all the valves match, and Chemline was able to get me 2 of the 1" valves quickly, so we went this route.

The manifold is slightly different. I’m using street elbows this time so the valve socket can glue directly onto the elbow, eliminating some of the height that the overall system has. I think this will be a good improvement. Also, @tireshark, provided his own check valves because I hadn’t got that part sorted out yet, so for this one, it has the 3/4" and 1/2" hastelloy check valves. They are very nice. After going back and forth with @tireshark a bit, we thought that 1" inlet barbs would be too large probably, so the decision was made that 3/4" inlet barbs for SH and water would be best, and those mate perfectly to the 3/4" check valves. Those will pass through a bushing into the 1" metering valves.

I think this is a great step forward, and I should be able to assemble it tomorrow. I need to cut the sch 80 pipe that goes between a few pieces still and then glue everything up. There is still a question of if it’d be better to use threaded ends on the metering valves, but I’m hesitant. A glued joint is much stronger and reduces the likelihood of leaks significantly. And since they are true unions, the valve itself can still be removed if needed. But the locking nut will remain locked on the manifold and upper parts. I do think that a glued socket is going to remain the best option though.

Let me know what you guys think or if you have suggestions at all.


mix strength




sorry, I was responding to the question you posted. Which was more common
to softwashers…mix strength or ratios.
I just joined the thread and was having trouble commenting due to a brief
hold on my account. I am very excited about your endeavour and look forward
to seeing the results. Good work brother!

Larry Newsom
Top Wash Roof and Exterior Cleaning


Thanks, sorry about that. I didn’t see that it was a response to an earlier post. My bad lol.


does your design still have a flush-free SH valve?


It depends on which check valve you opt for.


Also, I use a super thick surfactant (slo-mo) to be specific…has the
consistency of honey. Will that be an issue for the system? I only use 1/2
oz. per gallon of solution in most cases.
I’m still not sure why check valves are needed, I thought the metering
valves did all the regulating of what is being pulled into the pump.


its to prevent back flow


i got slo-mo as well


I love slo-mo, same price as all the other surfactants, but you only need
half the amount :hugs:


I’m not sure if that’d be an issue. The only way to really know would be to try pulling something that thick through the system and see how it goes. I don’t know of any math or graphs available to know that without just testing it. If it’s really as thick as honey, maybe it’d be best to mix it in with the SH and have it pull through that way, but honestly I have no idea. Someone would just have to try it, and if it didn’t work, we could look into alterations to the system, but using a diaphragm pump to suck something with a honey consistency sounds like asking for a torn diaphragm. But I don’t know lol.


I’d be happy to test it with my system, what would you want to send me a


I have slo-mo. Also, Lori has said it works with the powerwash store proportioner. I’ll test it when i get mine hooked up.


excellent, did you go with the 3/4 in. setup?


I have 1" metering valves, and can put either 3/4" or 1" lines on them. The soap line is 1/2".


Slo-mo needs water added in order for it to work w/Proportioner properly. Which is no big deal because you are ultimately adding it to water and still getting way more for the $$$ and it is still the thickest surfactant I am aware of…


Have you experimented at all with this? I tried reading through but not sure if i missed something. (Too many posts)


Softwash metering system prototype 1.5. First full complete system. Future systems will have all Chemline valves, so that’s the exception here. This manifold is more compact in dimensions width and length. Note that the 1" valves are glued directly to the street elbow. I think this is an improvement. I appreciate any feedback. This systems gets shipped to @getherdone tomorrow hopefully.