DIY JROD Australia

Anyone from Australia here?

As you know we do not have the supplies available the USA has.

I am looking for MEG spray nozzles for my 4gpm/2700 psi machine: I want to DIY a ‘2 banger’ with ‘nozzle size 0040 and 2540?
Ie one shooter and one fan

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Check this out. And, they’re in your own back yard.


That price is reasonable especially for Aussie prices. By the time you piece it all together you’ll have spent that much or more with shipping and fuel costs.


@AUSSIE is in down under land

Like @DisplacedTexan said , see Nick at Softwash Australia he will look after you.
Tell him Clayton sent you and he will give you a discount.


Actually he probably won’t but hey u might as well have a crack.


Yes sir :+1:t2: We’re learning a lot from our American counterparts

Thank you brother - I’ll let you know how I go :muscle:t3:

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