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Maybe it was you that told that story lol.


Yeah it was you.

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Ladder safety is pretty serious for me and when I was a safety officer I pushed it hard. 6 years ago I worked an EMS call for a man down. We arrived on scene and he had fallen about 15 foot from a ladder onto a concrete slab when the ladder slipped out. He was sitting up and confused. Moments later he gave out and I started bagging him (giving him rescue breaths with a bag mask).

I worked on him the whole way to the hospital trying to get air in him. He was DOA when we pulled into the ER. X rays showed bilateral lung impalement from his ribs splintering.

It was the most painful and horrifying death I have ever witnessed. Not a day goes by where I don’t remember that call when I use a ladder.

Be safe on ladders guys…


I have one of those multi position ladders that can be an 11 foot step ladder. if I can’t reach what I’m spraying from it using a shooter tip then it’s time for a lift.