I’ve heard that pwra members get a discount through you guys. I dont see you listed on the member discount page though. maybe I missed something. I just got some samples shipped to me and I’m showing them off to a customer tomorrow.



That’s a great question Tim, and one we have been wrestling with for a while. As members of our awesome Spray-n-Pay Rewards Program, professional contractors already get a sweet discount and also earn reward credits on every purchase they make. Combine that with our already great prices, and there just isn’t a lot of room to offer much more without first raising prices to cover the discount… and what sense does that make?!

So, here’s what I’m going to do… I’m going to pitch the ball to over to your court.
Give us some feedback. What would you and the other members like to see as a PWRA perk form SS&S?

I really don’t know. It wasn’t a determining factor in me buying your product. I bought it anyway. I was hist checking here first.

I do have to say that your customer service is outstanding. My wife was the one who set us up as a contractor with you and she told me how great the lady was that she spoke with, and she doesn’t like anyone (including me). Plus all the times you’ve replied to my messages. I’m a fan!

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