Discolored granite after cleaning

The job: power wash steps, wakway and front columns of a cathedral church

Problem: there isn’t a problem per say, but after cleaning revealed discolored granite steps see pics

Solution: anyone have any advice to clean up granite ie rust stains, time wear…


You can’t fix time wear with a pressure washer. If you cleaned it and that’s what you were hired to do then you did you’re job.

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That’s a good one. This is a hundred plus year old structure… The client is happy but I was just asking for the sake of my own knowledge bank. Thanks.

Go to eaco chem and look at one restore

How did you clean that? Roof mix?
Did you use any degreaser on the steps?

Side note, who’s the contact for a job like that?

Alright thanks for this.

Nothing but cold water pressure at 4gpm/3.5Kpsi

Too much foot traffic to risk spraying SH water everywhere.

Pro bono job for my local church – I am in giving back mode.

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Well chems would have helped…