Discoloration of Plastic Roof vents - please help


I cleaned the vinyl siding for 3 buildings of a condo association. They were super happy - I was super happy. They said I can come do it every year and then this …

Downstream mix was 2 gallons weak bleach, 3 gallons water and Elimonator. I rinsed everything well (I thought.) Condo Association was super happy but then just got a call about roof vents. The tops are all discolored. These are highly visible and I don’t know what to do. I just scrubbed with dish soap and water and nothing changed.

Do you know what caused this? Any products that can fix it? Please tell me ASAP as I want to solve this quick. Thank you very much for any help!

Rattle can paint and move on


Maybe try on a sample area something like tire dressing that detailer’s use or even a liquid wax. You might even check a silcon spray or clear coat. Does it look different if it’s wet?

Let us know how it turns out.

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Thanks so much!! I used boiled linseed oil and mineral spirits and it restored the old color (mostly). It was an easy fix but I was definitely worried about it. Thanks very much for your quick response. Here’s the after photo.


Glad that it worked out! Might need to check back in every so often to see how it’s holding up and let us know. I’m sure others are curious and will file this one in our brain file to remember.

Thanks for the update & picture.

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