Disappointed with Remco 😢

Bought 2 Remco 7gpm 100psi pumps for the first time. Both pumps only lasted a few jobs and the pressure switch relays went bad blowing my hoses off and gave me a face full of bleach. Maybe Remco had a bad batch of switches??? Anyway I’m going back to Delavan.
Apparently Remco says using bleach voids any warranty.

I’ve had great success with Flojet pumps……they are usually more expensive but seem to hold up well.

You could camlock your pumps. You can clip them in so they can’t blow off. Also super easy to have a backup one ready to go with the 1/2 inch nipples on there so it’s as easy as undoing the camlocks to old pump and moving them over to the new one. Saves a ton of time in the field if a pump goes down.

I have been using the 5.5 overflo pumps and make sure to rinse after every time. I’m not saying they are perfect but I’ll only go through a few. I have 1 from last season that’s still working, and have gone through 2 this season so not a bad average.

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Midwest washing equipment is going to start selling these. Supposed to last longer

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I have a cracked head on my Remco 7gpm 60psi.

At about $1500+@ they should be good. Thinking of putting one on my new trailer build.


We’ll keep us updated. I don’t use a 12v but a lot of people will be happy if they can find one that lasts

The hose isn’t the problem its the pump not shutting off. On one truck after my guys reconnected the hose it blew out the top of the pump itself lol but yes I do need to start always carrying a spare. Usually I do get over a year out of the Delavan pumps

I’m curious how long these will actually last. I’ll wait and see. Also 150 psi seems a bit high… I don’t think my flexilla hose would appreciate that.

I always hook a whip line up with a pressure gauge to all new 12v pumps and check working pressure with water before I put them into service. You would be surprised at the pressure difference they come “factory” set at.


We’ve had a bunch of the Remcos go bad recently. They luckily sent new pressure switches. This is out of over a hundred pumps we’ve bought this year. The next bunch has been good. Never had an issues until a few months ago. Hopefully they are taking care of all of you guys.

Yes they are sending new pressure switches. I think it turned out to just be bad relays in both pumps