Disappointed in the Suttner Gun


So this happened today. I get it, all of this stuff will break, and it’s a part of doing business. But, this one is only like 5 months old. I’ve had cheap gp guns last years. Now don’t get me wrong I love the suttner while it lasted. Luckily I have two. I just thought it would last a little longer.

I don’t know. I’m just complaining. I just got done for the day and am tired.

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Did it stay stuck open?

Very weird, Those are all I run and they hold up amazingly well

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Yeah that’s why I was so upset. I thought these were the best. Maybe it was just a lemon.


Same thing happened to me recently after less than 6 months of use.


Yeah that’s weird. I’m on the same suttner 2315 for 2 seasons and it gets abused.

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Needless to say I’m less than impressed. Having said that. I’m gonna buy another one. Hopefully it will last. If two can’t last 6 months, I’m gonna try a different one.


Could be a worse day fella

I gotta clean that TURD after we fetch it outta the ditch


@Hotshot you tow?


That is bad


No sir. It’s one of my weekly customers. They called us to lend a hand and man power. Took two 45 ton wreckers to suck it outta the mud. Plus a excavator to dig out the load ,sitting on the bank in the picture. We aim to please. Even on our day off. Lol. Gonna wash it tonight.


Wack it on the ground a couple of times. The spring is either broken or jammed


I did. I would beat it a few time then check. Then I’d beat it some more. After a while I just looked like an idiot banging my gun on the ground and decided to move on to my other one.


Rebuild kits are cheap. I try to keep a few

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I had no clue you could rebuild them. Then again I never really looked into it.


I buy about 8 guns in the beginning of every season. Small investment to make sure your covered.

You should put a 12 inch lance on the end of that gun. You will get better placement with the flow.


Lol that’s awesome. Here’s a link to some episodes of a show you may enjoy.

It’s called highway thru hell. They follow a couple companies that due heavy rescues. They made a spin off of this show called heavy rescue 401 and they follow a company I used to dispatch for. Different location than I worked but still all a good watch.

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I bought the 2000 big hand. @Innocentbystander is right. It would not spray. But I unchucked it ,then chucked it across the parking lot bout 30 yards. 1 hour later after I hooked it up again. It worked like a charm


I usually use a 12 inch wand and a M5ds. And I have a couple of guns I just thought these would last a little bit longer. I agree, one should always have a backup or two or three.


Dude ! I watch them both religiously. I’m pretty simple. Gold rush,Street outlaws,Highway through Hell,401 and Alaska, the last frontier.


I guess it couldn’t get more broken. We used to do something similar with failed circuit breakers and avionics before completely writing them off as dead.