Dirt & debris stuck on screened pool enclosure?

Algae all over the sides and dirt & other debris on the top. I was able to clean the sides real good. There was a film of green algae on all sides. Just sprayed a 3% SH mix from the outside in. Rinsed. Then did a rinse (without any bleach) from the inside out. Cleaned up nice. Tried the same on the ceiling screens but it wouldn’t budge. Even holding my wand up super close (I was using an xjet on the fan setting)… didn’t budge it. Anyone ever have this issue?

I know the window guys use a little stand with brushes and water did you try to agitate it with a soft brush?

hey there. Figured there had to be a way to do with a pressure washer. But will just try agitating it.

Spray a hotter sh mix and let it dwell longer. I down stream 10% undiluted mixed with arm and hammer with oxi clean. Works great.

Thanks AP. Will try it! Brush didnt work for crap. Super stubborn

Are you 100% sure what’s on the top screens is organic? (Algae,mold,mildew ect…)

If screens are aluminum it could be that the screens are damaged/ “screen burn”

If a 3% sh solution and agitating didn’t take care of it then I’d lean towards the screens aren’t dirty but the finish on them in certain areas are damaged