Direct Drive Trailer Build


Hello guys,

Been a while since i have posted here. Hope everyone is doing well and having a succesful year. I wanted to post a basic set up i had done with my trailer last year. Unfortunately i had the trailer stolen last december and it completely wiped me out. Im hoping it helps someone trying to build a basic 2 man setup with direct drives. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask them.


Man, that sucks. That was a nice trailer. I envy the guys that have the enclosed trailer. I’m assuming you had insurance and are I the process of rebuilding?


Yes i am. Unfortunately i made a fatal mistake and i sunk all the money i made back into the trailer and didnt leave myself a buffer. One thing i will say i didnt get ripped of by the insurance company when they paid me back for the trailer, the paid me 5$ less than what i paid for it new. Not bad for a trailer used and abused for about a year and half. The equipement i didnt get jack all for it. So now unfortunately i am back to working for someone else, but i will save my money and have to rebuy all my things again. Live and learn i guess.


Ugh. It’s one thing to steal someone else’s toys like a boat or car, but to steal their source of income is just a whole deeper Low. I hope your able to build another trailer & get a tracking device on it.


Well to be honest i will not get a trailer. I live near vancouver, canada and it is a nightmare driving and parking on a big city. Some of the cities outside where the big money clients are is even worse. Small and lots of hills with narrow winding driveways… stressfull ■■■ hell. My next purchase will be a mid size transit 250. But yes i am back to the drawing board but i will come out stronger than ever thats for sure.


That’s an interesting fueling solution for gravity fed machines. I like it.


There’s a special place for people like that. Good luck with your rebuild.

Another option for gravity fed engines is by installing a fuel pump and a remote tank. You can get a pulse for it by drilling a hole in the valve cover and installing a barb. Run a hose from the barb to the pulse line on the fuel pump. Replacement valve covers are cheap so can always change back. My generator has a 7 gallon tank so I run my pressure washer off of that tank. It kind of serves two purposes. I don’t use my generator that much but it always has fresh gas due to running my pressure washer everyday. I just start my gen ever so often to get new gas into the carb.

You can also get pulse by installing a barb in the carb isolator. They also have aftermarket isolators with the barb already installed. I used one on a 18 hp 4 cycle engine I installed in our golf cart. I’ve used the valve cover method and carb isolator for the fuel pump and they both work.


Yes it was. Was getting tired of lugging around 5 gallon jerry cans and refueling everyday. This saved me alot of time. Only negative was that being its red, you couldnt really see how much gas was left, so what i did was drilled a hole on the top so i could look down and see how much left over