Direct drive life expectancy

So I’m looking to upgrade to a 4/4000 and I know everyone says get a belt drive because they last longer. But my question is how long do direct drives with a quality pump last? Can I expect 2-3 years of using 3-5 days a week?

Not a chance. Get a belt or gear drive and be happy. Not a sad person with a Harry homeowners PW

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I guess my next question would be does anyone have any experience with a Simpson water blaster 4400 psi/ 4gpm it’s an AAA pump. Haven’t really heard much about those. I just want want 2-3 years of life expectancy minimum. I plan on buying a hot water unit down the road but funds don’t allow me to do that right now and I’m afraid to spend to much seeing how it’s later in the season. Just want to make sure I can support me, my wife, and daughter for 3 months minimum.

How much you willing to spend @Mason168s ? You’ll spend way more if you get that Simpson then it’s blows up in record time,then you’ll either make the same mistake or buy a decent 5.5 gpm @3500 psi belt,gear drive or bigger gpm that will last you years and years

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I meant to add that machine is a belt drive. I can get it for around $1k or I can get a for $1600. Both of these are local I’m just not sure.

Check them out as well. More GPM is what you need for residential not, psi. Also has some build yourself machines in your price range. Your in Georgia correct?

@SurfaceTherapy got a good deal as well in Georgia

There is a ton of ppl on here to help you get a bullet proof machine on the east side of the USA. Let’s awake the beast shall we @Mason168s ???
Here we go,watch out he bites !
Now run!!!

I’m one state over and have a 4/4 Hotsy with 42 hours on it I’ll sell you. It’s a direct drive. I used it as a backup and for my sludge pump.

I use 2 275 gallon totes 2” pipe about 8ft then run to 1” hose and filter no 90s except off the tank and I think I’m getting about 5gpm. At least I was when I set the unloader and DIDNT TOUCH IT AGAIN lol

Haha I appreciate the help. Yes I’m in the north east ga region. I’m trying to build a trailer rig. Most likely gonna go with a 6x10 for now. I don’t particularly need hot water since im doing 99% residential. I definitely want a machine that’s gonna last though.

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Under $4k you won’t get a machine that will stand up to 2000 hours a year

I have a direct drive 13 hp predator motor with a 4/4000 general pump EZ4040G. September will be two years with it. I’m by no means saying this is the best route. I’m only stating that I have gotten 2 years on it with absolutely zero issues and I wash full time. You can build this washer for less than $800.


What? Lol.

Doing some math, 3 days a week for say…40 weeks a year, 6 hours a day.

720 hours a year. That’s not 2000 hours. I’m sure a $1500 machine can handle that.

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I see no reason to run a direct drive now with all these great gear box pumps, but if you must… I ran a Udor direct drive for 4 years it never failed

That may be, but I’m referring to someone washing full time and putting 2000 hours a year in a machine. Buy what you need to stay in business

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I have two direct drive machines. Had them both for over 5 years (one engine is actually 10 years old) When you talk longevity you have to remember that the unit is actually two parts. The motor, and the pump. I have been through 2 pumps, 1 engine rebuild, and a few pump seal and check valve kits. So “life expectancy” is kinda realtive to how you use the machine and how you treat it.


Sounds like the pump will last 2 years plus or minus of steady use. Lots of guys have started with a 4gpm unit. While you use it put money away for replacement. :+1: