Digital Billboard or Targeted online ads based on people's search history

Seeing if anyone has had experience with either one of these forms of advertising, what was your ROI, click rate, etc…

Goal- Increase volume on potential customers, not necessarily increase amount of customers. If trends stay the same then we will be at 6 days a week 10 hour days. Current closing % is 75%, which is good but if I increase prices by 30% that number will drop below 50% ( I’ve tested this before). My goal is to increase the volume of potential customers, raise prices by 30% , closing rate drop to 50%. End result 30% revenue gains before advertisement cost.

What my options are

  1. Digital billboard ( brand new, huge) on a super busy street. The Main Street going in and out from an area with 800k house values to our nearest big town. Ad is displayed for 8 seconds and on a rotation with 8 other ads. Design is included and only a one month minimum, one month = $ 1500. Estimated # exposure 200k cars daily

  2. Targeted internet ads based on users internet history. ( you know when you look at something online and the next day there is an ad for the things you were looking at) This company is able to do geographical fences for certain area codes and a search history criteria. Example, if someone in a zip code visits Angie’s list or home advisor, then the next time they visit a site which the marketing company has ad space on (they have 800,000 sites) my ad will pop up on their screen. The cost for this is $1,000 for 100,000 ads.
    Goes quick though because you don’t want your history criteria to be too strict.

Has anyone done either form? Even if not what is your opinion?

Neither, but there’s a digital billboard by the Y I swim at a couple times a week. Soccer moms see it all day and it’s off a super busy interstate. They’re only charging $280/month. Same setup. Rotating ads. $1500 seems incredibly high.

Unless you can get $3-5000 a month outta the billboard that $1500 is probably better utilized elsewhere in my opinion.

Billboards are more of a branding piece, i would not expect immediate calls from it. Like “squidskc” said that money could be better spent somewhere else.

Think about the last time you call a service company from a billboard.


Perfect point.

Yeah, I should have said that this is a 2 year plan, the point of the billboard is to create brand awareness. I don’t think solely by itself it would generate more interest but I think it may be an important piece in creating brand awareness/trust with customers. Customer sees your wrapped trucks in town, yard signs, door hangers, then a billboard.

The billboard is the best location in town at a busy intersection. There are tons of smaller ones around town for a few hundred, not great location though

Maybe I will try both out and see the results. 5 year plan is to reach 500k in a 7 month season. Not going to get their by selling a service but can by selling a brand.


You can’t always look at advertising and the initial ROI it brings it. Although we want to but you have to look at brand awareness and exposure not just revenue on the advertisement itself. S

I would agree wholeheartedly. It’s always more expensive to acquire a new customer though. Every company is different too. For me personally, I like following up with past customers and referral marketing,

If I had to pick between a billboard and internet marketing, I’d pick internet marketing every time.


I agree, I’m leaning that way. Might spend a thousand and see how it goes. Hopefully be targeting customers in the second or third stage of buying.

@Patriotspwashing did you ever do the billboard or internet marketing you were talking about above? If so were the results beneficial? I try to market to NJ shore towns which are predominately vacation homes. I get lots of calls from customers from their permanent homes in a different geographic area than I am marketing to. I thought a billboard on the way in town the beach town I market to would be better than internet geo targeting. I don’t know anything about marketing so any insight from the forum would be appreciated.

I didn’t unfortunately…by the time I was ready to pull the trigger we were scheduled 6 weeks out and couldn’t really take on anymore work.

That’s a good thing.