Digital billboard cleaning

Got this email in today. Has anyone cleaned these before?

Here is the email: ServicesRequested
I’m interested in having two LED billboards cleaned. They are located at the addresses provided. I can offer more info once I’m contacted. I look forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Those things cost a ton of money. I would not use sh on it. Personally I would politely bow out and not bid.

You peaked my interest so I googled. Seems simple enough but would be a bad day if something went wrong. I remember watching an episode of Undercover Boss and it had to do with the biggest sign maker in the country. I was shocked at the cost of some of the lamps in some signs. I’m sure leds are cheaper but installation would cost a bundle.

@Harold tell him to call those guys. They sound like they know what their doing.

Yea, after reading that I think there’s easier money to be made.

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Dude… I’d clean them in exchange for my billboard. Goes up in June. I’m using that article to sell it.


That would be sweet. I’m likely not insured to clean them and I doubt they’re cheap. Good idea though

Might be able to get a bond in lieu of insurance since I might only clean a few each year. I’m just thinking out loud. But these digital billboards are popping up everywhere


I bet an ad on one of them would have a good roi is done properly. Not to mention the cool factor

The last job I had before setting out on my own, the owner got an ad on one of these billboards and I figured they would change every few minutes or something. NOPE. Mere seconds. He says his ROI is good on it and I don’t see how because I can’t even read the whole thing before it changes when I drive by.

You would need a easy domain and phone number no doubt.

I wouldn’t even put the area code in the phone number. If the number was (504) 346-wash
It would read 346-WASH. Similar with the domain. Without that I think it would be a waste.

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