Differences between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing

So, I am new to pressure washing and have only done two small Resi jobs. I am looking to understand the differences between soft washing and pressure (or hard, if they’re the same) washing and the equipment that go with them. We currently have a 2700 psi pressure washer so I’m not sure if that’s on the soft or hard side. I need a “back-to-basics” breakdown if someone doesn’t mind. Oh, and I WILL be at the PWR Convention 2014. (excited about that)

Residential pressure washing in the new millennia is all about the detergent blend and water volume.

What is your soap mix, how do you apply it and what is your machines gpm rating?

2700 PSI
2.3 GPM

We don’t have a combination and haven’t run into anything we couldn’t get up with this so far.

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Time to start reading the boards!

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I’ve been searching for the straight answer to this question, but they don’t seem to exist in one place.

Unfortunately you are not going to go far with that equipment. I know because I started out with similar stuff. Once you see the results professional equipment and the proper professional cleaning solutions can produce you will truly be amazed. Search and read, the answers to your questions are out there.

No shame, I started with the same spec machine and that same solution… For a homeowner grade chemical I was very Impressed

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